The Tin Drum (German: Die Blechtrommel) is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Günter Grass. It was directed and co-written by Volker. The Tin Drum (German: Die Blechtrommel) is a novel by Günter Grass. Tutto nasce da sotto le quattro gonne di nonna Koljaiczek, la Grande Madre. Günter Grass (novel), Jean-Claude Carrière | 3 more credits» . The Tin Drum is based on Gunter Grass’s highly acclaimed novel which used magic realism to.

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In turn the Russians arrive and expel the Germans all of which Grass presents in relatively jolly terms. He also worked as an author and traveled frequently. Even in translation, his language is dazzling, and one thing is certain: This little boy-man that breaks every rule of humanity yet is the grasd of humanity itself. This indifference attracts an equal indifference from us. Here is another extract on Kristallnacht: Maybe, but I think Fascism would be closer to the mark.

He is confined to an asylum where he writes his memoirs for us to read.

Nowhere in Africa — Caroline Link However, for every such episode dealing with the events of WWII, there are others interspersed in between dealing with much more domestic concerns: She is married to Matzerath. Life Is Beautiful — Roberto Benigni Oskar’s mother fambour died, Alfred marries Maria, a woman who is secretly Oskar’s first mistress.

You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage gass to the source of your translation.


It made me think of how psychiatrists give dolls to abused children, and have the children tell their story through the doll: It was adapted into a filmwhich won both the Palme d’Orin the same year, and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film the following year.

His schizophrenia, self-obsession and complexes though won’t stop him from being witty – every page of tambbour book has some really witty funter of words on it.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’m an inmate in a mental institution. Black Orpheus — Marcel Camus The world portrayed in The Tin Drum is brutal and harsh, and, at the same time freakishly strange.

I stretched both arms out toward the drum. Ich bewerte daher ggass Teile einzeln: Even if I buy the wretched drum as a Moral Symbol, I’m still stuck with the kid as a pious little bastard.

It covers only Books 1 and 2, concluding at the end of the war. Oskar bears some culpability for both of his presumptive fathers’ deaths since he leads Joseph Bronski guhter the Polish Post Office in an effort to get his drum repaired and since he returns Alfred Matzerath’s Nazi party pin while the latter is being interrogated by Soviet soldiers.

The Tin Drum

Gate of Hell — Teinosuke Kinugasa While filming in Poland, a production assistant was arrested by the authorities when trying to buy eels from fishing boats for the beach scene, accused of attempting to sabotage the national industries.

Dripping with arrogance and wit against a macabre backdrop, The Tin Drum follows our sturdy-at-three-feet protagonist Oskar from his vivid recollections of his own birth through Hitler’s occupations of Danzig, DE and Oskar’s familial Poland through many other no doubt excitin The plot, characters, and setting are all top-notch, but what makes Drum a stellar read is its tone.


Though the tone may be fantastic, Grass does a lr job of capturing life under Nazi rule than anything else I have ever read.

Rashomon — Akira Kurosawa He wasn’t the German soldier who feels sorry for what he did. It is not pleasant to revisit them. Trivia About The Tin Drum.

The Tin Drum by Günter Grass

And If you will hate him enough, grase you will start to love him also. A reviewer might have described it as ‘sardonically irreverant’ had not Waiting for Guffman been the source of the phrase.

I also did not agree with everything he uttered, but, at the very least, what he uttered was always deliberate and worth considering.

And the first and second through fourth Advent will be turned on like a gas cock, so that it smells believably of walnuts and almonds, so that all those nutcrackers can take comfort in belief: View all 6 comments. Oskar considers himself to have two “presumptive fathers”—his mother’s husband Alfred Matzerath, a member of the Nazi Partyand her cousin and lover Jan Bronski, a Danzig Pole who gras executed for defending the Polish Post Guntrr in Danzig during the German invasion of Poland.