Viktor S. Grebennikov is the scientist – naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter and, on the whole, comprehensively well-educated specialist with a. 5 Oct Using gravity-defying bug wings he put in a box, Viktor Grebennikov claimed to have made a device that could lift him off of the ground. Here is. Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov – naturalist and a professional entomologist. He is also an artist and an intellectual with a wide range of interests and pursuits.

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I’ve stayed too long here among my insects and I am getting ready to spend the night in the open. Now, what would be the guarantee that dishonest people, half competent in biology, would not rush out to ravines, meadows and forests to catch perhaps the very last samples of this miracle of nature, if I were to name the genus and the species? An establishment committee for combating of “pseudo science”, created in Novosibirsk division of the Russian Academy, has victimized many talented members of our local scientific community.

Similar wells, also with the side-tunnel and without dirt piles, were suddenly formed on October 24, in the fields of Khvorostyansk District of Samara Region. The bee city is gone now.

Platten’s “New Medical Technique”, vol. Notify me of new posts via email. The evening is quiet and calm tonight. Grebennikov wrote detailed accounts of his experiences flying grebennikof the Russian countryside using his levitation device.

When I attached the tack on top of the “block”, I witnessed incredible, impossible things.

Strange Claim: Viktor Grebennikov’s Anti-Gravity Platform – True Strange Library

The patient squeezed the sieve rim between the teeth, with the net in front of the face in an alternate method. I brake abruptly and make a turn. grebennikkv

The platform’s force field has “carved out” an upward-diverging, invisible column from space, which cuts the platform off the earth’s gravitational pull. The speed of my flight is grebennikovv high but, there is no wind in my ears. Large Cones with an artificial comb greebnnikov and three magnets at the back. Oh, how good it is to be out here, in the open country! Here is the google translation:. I sit there for five, may be ten minutes with no unpleasant sensations.


Viktor Grebennikov

I have editted the original translation as well as I was able to in order to dull its heavy Slavic accent. Grebejnikov think hard before you give a serious, responsible answer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But this is only the beginning!

This happens due to the work of multiple vesicular cavities of the material producing the CSE. Fill in your details below or grebennikog an icon to log in: Wiktor Stiepanowicz Griebiennikow, an entomologist from the University of Agriculture in Novosibirsk who died indiscovered the effect of antigravity produced by certain chitinous shells of certain Siberian insects. It is beneficial for agriculture because its larvae parasitize the alfalfa weevil.

I am sure you have read about all this in UFO journals. Petersburg,where the following drawing of the device is reproduced. Grebenniov can already see the cold shimmer off its body and the flashing of its unnaturally red warning light.

Yet, we see another example of people’s merciless, ignorant and arrogant attitude toward the nature in the very same location on this globe. These phenomena are commonly explained by an extreme mobilization of muscular strength, but precise calculations do not agree with such hypotheses. Have you ever felt sleepy before the rain?

It is a hot summer day and the faraway expanses are drowned in a bluish-lilac haze. I lean slightly forward and feel the warm, taut wind coming for down below, from the sun drenched soil and vegetation. When I pushed the jar with the nests to the end of the desk and leaned over it, I had felt the same gdebennikov in my head, the feeling, which has overwhelmed me by the lake.

I did feel a kind of burning or an electric shock inside grebnnikov pocket on many occasions, perhaps at the moment of my prisoner’s disappearance.


I found nothing supernatural in the jumps of my tiny prisoner back in If there grebennikkv rocks lying in the forest instead of mushrooms, no one would be knocking them off. Could vi,tor be that the smell of the salty lake water and the rotting slime would do this to me? Some clinical cases of non-spasmodic epileptic fits often result in a short-term reversible transformation of personality people in such state are commonly referred to as “possessed”whereby a skinny, exhausted girl or a ten year old boy may acquire the physical prowess of a trained athlete.

Most people see nothing at all though and I am quite pleased with it for the time being. Too bad I can’t take my four-year-old grandson Andrei with me.

It was alive and it moved its belly when touched but, much to my dismay, it has died a week later. When your work is new and interesting, the time flies by at double its normal speed.

I have isolated 4 CSE emitters beneficial to humans so far. One has to stand, not hover, with both hands always busy. If everything is done right, a kilo man flies up almost to the ceiling, while the ones who tossed him claim he was light as a feather. But, the watch is at its accurate time and speed at the end of the excursions. Translation posted on KeelyNet.

The landscape below quickly shrinks and the horizon begins to curve on all sides in a huge dip opening up the sight of railroad that runs two kilometers on the left with the village on the right of it twinkling with its light slate roofs.

A car won’t move without wheels in contact with the road, a plane won’t fly with a covered propeller and neither will a rocket fly with plugged nozzles.