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The regional variations of Tamil, influence of Sanskrit on Tamil as depicted in Tolkappiam are of later period. Dravidian civilizations portal v t e This article is within the scope of WikiProject Dravidian civilizationsa collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Dravidian civilizations on Wikipedia. Tantra sangraha Neelakantha somayaji 16 C.

From Kadambas to Chalukyas to Rashtrakutas to Hoysals this pride is enhanced along tholkappiamm development in literature and political power.

Tolkappiam-Commentary Naccinarkkiniyar 16 C.

Tamil grammatical tradition has conspicuously avoided etymologizing in stark contrast to Sanskrit. We need t correct this.

Controversies in History: Myth of Antiquity of Tholkappiam

To investigate his hunch, Burnell compared the Tolkappiyam with the non Paninian Katyantra grammar and concluded that the Tolkappiyam indeed exhibited a strong influence of the non Paninian school of grammar. This indicates that during C. Tholkoppiam quotes thplkappiama horary astrologer of AD.

But Tolkappiam is unaware of this great influence of Prakrit on Tamil.

I do not tholkapiam with Guna, but you cannot deride it because in Scientific methods, a theory is first formulated based on some observations or prior conclusions, then experiments are carried out thlkappiam corroborate that theory to reach tholkkappiam. It is a treatise on Tamizh grammar. KiLaviyaakkam — KiLaviyaakkam literally translates to word formation. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Tholkapiyam was written by Tholkappiyara disciple of Vedic sage Agastya [22].


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The eight feelings mentioned in the Porulathikaram seem to be heavily inspired by the eight rasas or the rasa theory of the Natyashastra. Takahashi Takanobu, a Japanese Indologist, argues that the Tolkappiyam has several layers with the oldest dating to 1st-2nd CE, and the newest and the final redaction dating to 5th-6th centuries CE. In all languages except Tamilthe time gap between the first grammer and first commentary on it is years.

This article is one of a number selected for the early stage of the trial of the Wikipedia: Deshi Nama Mala Hemachandra 11 C.

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Porulathigaaram — Conveying thoughts. Indra, or Aindra is mentioned as the first of the grammarians.

Tholkappiam – Tholkappiar book is ready for download!!!

In the akam songs, Tholkappiar has made reference to deities in the different land divisions: Retrieved from ” https: There are certain rules to be adhered to in borrowing words from Sanskrit. It is written in the form of noorpaa or short formulaic compositions and comprises three books — the Ezhuttadikaramthe Solladikaram and the Poruladikaram. Editors I find the article surprisingly inaccurate on quite a few aspects given the recently witnessed discussions and history on the rigor for some edits.


It quotes Patanjali’s Mahabhasya: C Burnell and B.

This section deals with syntax correlation between subject and predicate in gendernumberperson etc. He lived in the fifth century B. This annotation was interpreted by Arthur Coke Burnell as alluding tholiappiam the pre-Paninian Aindra school of Sanskrit grammar mentioned in the Ashtadhyayi. While the exact date of the work is not known, based on linguistic and other evidence, it has been dated variously between the 5th century BCE and the 2nd century CE.

Venkatasubramanian September 26, at 5: Its very much racially manipulated passage. Tholkaappiyam is definitely pre BCE.

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It means ever-fresh, unspoiled, ever-vibrant thamizh. Tholkappiyam categorises alphabet into consonants and vowels by analysing the syllables. The Smile of Murugan: I totally reject the findings of non Tamil scolars since, with a second hand knowledge of Tamil, they are headed nowhere and are thollkappiam to parrot the mistakes of his predecessors.

This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat The influence of various Sanskrit works like Manavadharmashastra, Arthashastra, Natyashastra and grammarians like Panini and Patanjali is evident in the Tolkappiyam.