Kimon Nicolaides – The Natural Way to Draw · Share? KIMON NICOLAIDES was born in Washington, D.C., in How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. 2 Oct I found this book at an old book store, I am turned off by the fact that this book needs a whole year of work to get through if you follow the. Kimon Nicolaides was born in Washington DC in He grew up exposed to the aesthetic experience because his Greek father imported Asian artefacts.

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But its not a how to draw book for beginners even though that’s how Nicolaides envisioned it. They niolaides thought they could start over from scratch, do everything differently, and come up with new and better art.

Kimon Nicolaïdes

Show Printable Version Email this Page. After a few sessions of only contour drawings I started to feel better about my results and I definitely got a feel for it.

Originally Posted by Radicou. I have heard about it for months and felt it was a waste of time. Indeed, what he put in his book wxy the program for his one-year drawing class at the League. Great exercises for skill building or just practice. This book was a great read! You might want to read this first: The time now bh A close friend and former student, Mamie Harmon, oversaw its completion and its publication in I’m going to post some of my current work so that I have a point of reference for my progress.


Vai cat poate sa imi placa, dintre tot ce am citit si vazut abordarea asta mi se pare cea mai potrivita pentru mine.

Kimon Nicolaïdes – Wikipedia

Even an inanimate object is full of energy as the atoms race around. But I say it also teaches you how to draw things. I have spent a lot of time focused on the crisp, controlled line and form, carefully trying to copy without seeing. Refresh and try again.

I also like the way this book is organized because I can just follow the program without worrying too much about whether I’m practicing the right skill and that makes it a lot easier for drraw as well.

In brief, he taught drawing by 1 exploring the edge of the subject with ‘contour drawing’, 2 encouraging free and rapid ‘gesture drawing’, 3 encouraging tonal drawings of weight or mass, and 4 most importantly prescribing a daily exercise of ‘memory drawing’. Switch kimln Hybrid Mode.

The Natural Way to Draw. A year with Kimon Nicolaides

I really is the best book you could use to learn to draw life. Aug 20, Sandy rated it really liked it.

By deryk in forum Fine Art. As for Blind Contours, I have never met a respected art educator who’d recommended them; His mass-excercises show no conception at all of “Mass”; He does not even understand what Mass is, Turn to page 77 if you have the book, and you might possible see the worst “Mass” drawing ever done. Find all threads started by DanaT. The instruction is beautifully written and the student drawings included are helpful and inspiring.


Modern art lovers would have to deny Picasso and VanGogh’s training with the book They are back in print too in I vy Niccolaides is pretty good. I say loose because we did use many of the exercises but we did not follow the exact progression, time requirements, or employ every exercise.

The quality of absoluteness, the note of nicooaides, that the artist depends upon a more complete understanding than the eyes alone can give.

I have difficulty drawing curves that I can see clearly with my eye. December 21st, Switch to Threaded Mode. He never intended them as standalone ntaural of art by themselves.

I enjoy drawing a lot more when I relax and let my hand move but if I have an objective like drawing something I see in front of me or drawing something that I have imagined ahead of time in my head I clam up and don’t know how to thr.

The Natural Way to Draw

The author also includes many drawing excercises along with examples of student drawings. It has only to do with the act of correct observation and by that I mean a physical I read this book back in and reread it over and over.

Recently, I picked up the book again, this time under the guidance of experienced teachers, and nicolaiides some of the things in the book are starting to make sense.