The Mahabharata meets modern Indian history in an intellectual roller coaster ride of a novel. In Shashi Tharoor’s satirical masterpiece, the story of the. About the Author. Shashi Tharoor was born in London and brought up in Bombay and Calcutta. A winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize, he is the interim. Read Great Indian Novel book reviews & author details and more at general of the United Nations, Shashi Tharoor is the prize- winning, author of.

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The British Empire in India. Gelabin “Gelabin” is anagram of “Bengali”. It was fun to find out which personality each character represents. This part I do not agree with hte. Every Indian must for ever carry with him, in his head and heart, his own history of India.

Jan 01, Ankita rated it liked it Shelves: Counterpart to the Mahabharata ‘ s “Book of War Preparations.

The Great Indian Novel – Wikipedia

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Feeling like an invader, she meets her parents, friends and boyfriend. Gandhi’s Great Salt March.

The British Empire in India. I make no apologies for this. Its parables and morals are narrated in all corners of thaeoor country to illustrate the conundrums of life in this world and the significance of dharma. Chakra “chakkar” as synonym for inxian China in Hindi and its capital Snoop-ing. Tharoor has narrated the story -cast ghe Mahabharata woven into a story of contemporary India – is simply incredible! Dhritarashtra snatches defeat from the jaws of victory by halting the Indian Army’s advance and calling in the United Nations.

The Great Indian Novel is currently in its 28th edition in India and his newest volume. So, Bhishma becomes Gangaji – the ‘father of our nation’, Dhritarashtra is or Fir After reading this book and the reviews of some of the other books, I really wonder how did I miss Shashi Tharoor – the Author!


Once you identify who is supposed to represent who, it becomes very easy, and fun.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The Great Indian Novel 3. See our Returns Policy. The last chapter, where Tharoor philosophizes on righteousness with an image of heaven and hell gleaming in the background, truly captures the essence of The Mahabharta or The Great Tje Novel.

There are so many nuances that a foreigner would miss.

The satire is such that discerning, aware Indians would appreciate the novel a lot more than non-Indians their 5-star ratings not withstanding. The doctors can only speculate. The author seems to share my sense of humor and I recognized that from the first page. The viceroy and Sir Richard consider what to do in reaction to the initiation of the Second World War. The result is an irreverent historical narrative which is identical yet almost unrecognizable from both indjan history of school books and the mythical story of ages past.

Despite its regional setting, this work can be enjoyed by readers unfamiliar with Indixn history. Dev Datta takes a vow of chastity, and one of the women Vyas sleeps with vows to take revenge against Shashhi. Dhritarashtra decides to let Karna, now governor-general of Karnistan, make the first move, which he does, leaving the Indian government the bg excuse to send in Khushkismat Singh, the Minister of Defence, with Indian troops. Jan 04, Aldrin rated it it was ok.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. All these controversial statements would have been huge issues had it not been the fiction genre.

He is also a prolific author, columnist, journalist and a human rights advocate. Bhim, Nakul, and Sahadev stay out of the campaign, refaining from endorsing either party. But never let him catch on. Pandu is elected president of the Kaurava Party and a struggle begins between him and Gangaji for control over the direction of the party.


Everybody says her life was perfect, but she’s having a hard time accepting who she was, and the kind of person she wanted to be. The Five Dollar Smile: The Pandavas wander India sticking up for the rights of the downtrodden.

The Great Indian Novel

Thus, if Pandu wins the election, then Gangaji and Dhritarashtra will not be seen as having suffered a defeat. Facts, that is all I intend to record, facts and names. Indira Gandhi was Duryodhan. For my generation, fed on Batman’s savior tactics and deprived of Yudhistra’s innate righteousness, texts such as these bring back the revered concept of Dharma.

The Great Indian Novel Summary

When Arjun has to share an academic prize with Ekalavya, the son of a maidservant, Ekalavya admits that he has been sharing in the Pandavas’ lessons while standing outside the door. Mohammed Rafi urges Dhritarashtra to ensure that Manimir remains part of India.

Previously he was a columnist for the Gentleman magazine and the Indian Express newspaper, as well as a frequent contributor to Newsweek International and the International Herald Tribune.

The book maps the story and characters of the Mahabharat to those of the Indian freedom struggle and a few decades after it up until the Emergency. Morarji Desaithe honest but ineffective fourth prime minister; the Indian Judiciary.