Wonderlic offers pre-employment tests and student selection assessments. Home of the Wonderlic Test of cognitive ability, and tests for motivation, personality. If you fall into either of those buckets, or you are taking the short question version of the exam, then this Wonderlic test will give you a very realistic idea of. About the Wonderlic Test. The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test was created in , and designed to measure an individual’s general cognitive ability. Today, the.

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The Wonderlic test, as a vocational and intelligence test, falls under the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

That would be a halfback, with an average score of In this case, tewt the smallest year number and there is only one answer choice with this year. Some sample test questions include questions like:.

Retrieved May 14, The Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest differs from the Wonderlic Personnel Test in that it is not proctored giving employers a general idea of the potential applicant’s cognitive ability.

April is the time of the pro football draft—a time when the physical performance of pro football candidates is closely measured and compared.

Wonderlic Test – Practice a Free 50 Question Sample Test | WTS

Test-Summary 0 of 50 questions completed Questions: So what are you waiting for? Retrieved January 23, wondedlic You will have 12 minutes seconds to answer 50 questions. You have to finish following quiz, to start this test: Have the highest average score among players, with an average score of Making hiring decisions for a business — or even an NFL team — can sometimes feel like guesswork.

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Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Listed are a sample of median scores by profession on the Wonderlic test from For example, “If Adrian Peterson rushes for yards in a game, how many yards will he have at the end of the season if he keeps up with this pace? Football coaches want to command the locker room.

Archived from the original on May 11, About winderlic Wonderlic Test. It may be termed as a quick IQ test.

Test Your Wonderlic Score vs. Football Stars | Football IQ Score

The Golden Gopher lands the highest score at the combine”. Please note, the 10 question test provides a projected score you would attain based on a 50 question test, though it may not accurately reflect the score you would achieve on the full test. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s one of the most popular tests used to measure intelligence scores today.

It consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 12 minutes. Outside of being used at universities and by many employers, the test is also famous for its use by the National Football League as part of its player evaluation process at the NFL combine.

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Once you click the button the test starts.

About the Wonderlic Test

Our sample tests are for entertainment only and are not intended to be educational or preparatory in nature. This is dde a Wonderlic test and the scores derived from it may not accurately reflect the score you would attain on the Wonderlic test.

A more recent article from Psychological Reports, however, showed that the Wonderlic was highly accurate at testing overall intellectual functioning, but is not as accurate at determining levels of fluid or crystallized intelligence.

Something that is familiar is well known. Several of womderlic first round draft picks and highest producing quarterbacks in the last several years have all scored exceptionally high on the Wonderlic assessment.

Businesses, the military, and schools have been known to use it. Created in by E.