Kashf ul Asrar English Book by Hazrat Sultan Bahoo . I have given it the title: ” The Secret of Secrets, concerning what is needed by the righteous [Sirr al-Asrar. (The Book of the Secret of Secrets and the Manifestation of Lights). Contents of the book · Preface · Introductory account of the beginning of creation · The seven . The Secretum or Secreta Secretorum also known as the Sirr al-Asrar is a pseudoaristotelian Copland’s English translation is divided into sections on the work’s introduction, the Manner of Kings, Health, the Four Seasons of the Year, Natural.

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No one could ever object to him. Actually, there are three isrr that appear as three different kinds of knowledge — acted upon differently, but converging j nto asrat in the tradition of our Master the Prophet Knowledge j s divided into three, for no single person can carry that whole load of knowledge, nor is able to act upon it. Lovers have eyes in their hearts.

How far the remembrance penetrates, the level it reaches, depends solely on the extent to which Allah in His bounty has guided one.

When I would refuse, it would attack me. His disciples pleaded with him for a long time, but seeing that their efforts produced no effect on the shaykh, they left him. Everyone was shocked, not knowing what to do, looking engoish him in amazement. When it finally descended to this world of matter it was dressed in the clothing of flesh that Allah created to fit its being. When the priest mentioned Baghdad, the shepherd said that they were then at a distance of a few months journey from that city.


There He dressed the souls in robes of light. You will have a feeling of self-reproach — but this is not enough. What is meant by the holy spirit is the human spirit. Syahidah Sodri rated it really liked it Sep 30, They asked to see the shaykh.

If one looks at the sun one can see nothing else, neither can one see oneself. While all this was happening the pagan girl saw in a dream a light descending upon her and heard these words: They fasted and asked Allah to give their rewards to their shaykh. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. That engpish a dessert was being prepared which had to be stirred contin- uously. From that time on I never left him. You will hear the songs of the morning nightingales and you will hear them say [hey were in the habit of sleeping but little by night, and in the hours of early dawn they were found praying for forgiveness?

All of us were in a perfect state of peace and bliss, of a kind we had never experienced before.

Sirr al-Asrar سر الاسرار – Maktabah Mujaddidiyah

Scholarly attention to the Secretum Secretorum waned around but lay interest has continued to this day among students of the occult. I slept in ruins. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Only those who are able to do these things are truly repentant and are cleansed and pure.

The descendants of Adam 1 inherit this endowment ejglish a potential capacity, varying in nature from individual to awrar.

Seeing this, the priest believed. Like them, the wise among the people of Muhammadwhose function is to teach the select few among the pure, follow the wisdom of the Prophet yet present the ordinances and that which is forbidden in a different and new way, open and clear, showing their students good deeds with the example of their own righteous acts performed at a different time and in different circumstances.


All men profited from him. Liber Secretorum by Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Raziwhich appeared in Europe around the same time and has been often confused with the Secretum Secretorum.


One hopes to enter Paradise as a reward for good deeds, but gifts of Paradise come here through the hands of the child of the heart. In such a case the vision appears as the manifestation of light emanating from the Perfect Beauty of Allah and is seen by the eye of the essence of the heart.

The whole world should follow you, for you are as good as a prophet. As I came to the gate of the city, on my way to seclusion in the desert, I heard a sir.

Sirr al-Asrar

This will secure you the eternal life of the hereafter. Clothed in light they descended to the realm of the angels. Nonetheless skrr shaykh kept paying him, because he knew that he was needy. Now he has walked out of aal circle. In fact, for them there are no longer steps to climb: Then those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part of it which is allegoricalseeking to mislead, and seeking to give it their own interpretation.

You must serve the people.