16 Oct As Penguin releases a 25th anniversary edition of The Great Indian Novel, its author and MP Shashi Tharoor tells the BBC why it would be. The Great Indian Novel [Shashi Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Great Indian Novel takes its title not from. The Great Indian Novel [Shashi Tharoor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ved Vyas, India’s oldest surviving politician from the days of Raj, .

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After the war ends, the Kaurava Party regains some power, but not enough to unseat the Muslim Group and the British punish those who sided with the Greah. Shashi Tharoor’s merging of the Mahabharata and the story of India’s independence struggle has the potential, of course, to go horribly wrong. Krishna advises Arjun to woo her through abduction. Dhritarashtra dies of embarrassment.

Why Shashi Tharoor’s Great Indian Novel still appeals – BBC News

On 26 Januarythe day India becomes a republic, she gives birth to a daughter, who is given up for adoption and given the name Draupadi Mokrasi. Each tastes different, and does not necessarily mix with the next, but they belong together on the same plate, and they complement each other in making the meal a satisfying repast.

Counterpart to the Mahabharata ‘ s “Book of the Horse Sacrifice. India was now the laboratory of this strange political experiment.

Views Read Edit View history. So they were ideally suited to a non-violent, upright leader like Gangaji. In book sixteen, a deputy prime minister is elected, but Priya Duryodhani refuses to work with him so he resigns. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. While fleeing from defeat in Singapore by air, Thxroor and Madri succumb to their passion.

Why Shashi Tharoor’s Great Indian Novel still appeals

Unable to find a successor that is universally unobjectionable, the Working Committee is persuaded by Ved Vyas to appoint Priya Duryodhani. I’m amazed that after writing all this, Dr.


Anyway, those charges are biased personal opinions. And that, I suppose, completes my Goodreads annual reading challenge.

Personally, there are several quotes or even paragraphs in this book which are worth reading again and even taking some ‘life-lessons’ from them! Of course, the author doesn’t have to do much with the characterization aspect – for almost every character of this novel usually stands for a character from the Mahabharata or a figure from India’s political history, but he does well to remain faithful to his inspiration by incorporating as many attributes as possible.

Vidur assists the viceroy in making decisions related to the transfer of power. The regent having committed sedition, Hastinapur can now be annexed by British India. I liked the way he projected the characters of Karna, Duryodhana, Dhritharashtra and not to forget the winner, Draupadi. Oct 23, Hrishikesh rated it it was amazing. Well, the moment I felt I should write a long review for this book has passed besides the fact that no one read the one lengthy review I’ve written till dateso I’ll spare the reader who has incidentally stumbled upon this one.

So how does Tharoor fare? What does he know about the world? In the court of history, Yudhishtir is stunned to find a place of honour given to Priya Duryodhani. Introduced is the character of Sir Richard, the British resident at Hastinapur, who is complaining about the increasing radicalisation of Ganga Datta, who is still serving as regent of Hastinapur. Bhim, Nakul, and Sahadev stay out of the campaign, refaining from endorsing either party.

There is no story and too many stories, there are no heroes and too many heroes. I have often wondered what might have happened had he been able to see the world around him as the rest of us can. Priya Duryodhani thus gets Krishna’s experienced Kaurava Party grassroots electoral machine.

Lord Louis Mountbattenthe last viceroy of India. Gangaji Gandhi was the kind of person it is more convenient to forget.


I stumbled across it when looking for another of Tharoor’s books. This part I do not agree with him. My favourite character in tharoir book was Tbaroor played by Jinnah. Ganga Datta Gangaji or the Mahagurua celibate spiritual leader who begins his career as the regent of Hastinapur. He drew the parallel between Dhritarashtra and Nehru. And when this humour comes combined with satire – a brutally blunt, straightforward satirical approach, it elevates the book into a work of art; a best-in-class item; a top-notch book worth a read by every Indian.

But it is not novek to mix two complex narratives. Ved Vyas refers to “Children being born at inconvenient times of the night who would go on to label a generation and rejuvenate a literature,” which alludes to Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children.

The Great Indian Novel – Wikipedia

Arjun cables Draupadi, telling her that he is bringing home a new maid, making tthe eventual meeting rather uncomfortable. Tharoor does a wonderful job of narrating the real struggles for the Indian Freedom from British, what that ‘Freedom’ meant for the millions of Indians and how, when that ‘Freedom’ was subjugated in mid-seventies, ‘passive’ Indian voter taught a lesson to the subjugators only to return them to power 2 years later!

Priya Duryodhani decides to match her up with Ekalavya, of whom Drona had demanded his right thumb, and, apparently with whom Priya Duryodhani had had a youthful fling. Feb 23, S. While this is an excellent read, it does require an investment of time so I probably won’t be able to revisit it. Yudhishtir resigns from the Working Committee. Jul 11, Savanna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: