PDF format. US Letter size paper required for reference the document SCA Protocols | Cupping Specialty Coffee for more information. Attention. SCAA Cupping Protocols PDF: download. ESPRESSO ANALYZER · WHOLESALE · ONLINE SHOP · Account · Home / SCAA Cupping Score Form. This for is the Specialty Coffee Association cupping form as used by the Academy of Coffee Excellence. We use this form in the following courses: Advanced.

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There is space next to each category cuppiny is intended for descriptors that apply specifically to that quality; for example, you might feel the acidity is particularly fruity, and you may want to distinguish between fruity acidity and a fruity finish or fruit-like sweetness.

Unlike forms you may have seen elsewhere such as the Cup of Excellence one, which is extremely complexthis one does not produce a final rating that is the sum of categorical scoring. To asses fragrance, simply raise glass to your nose and deeply inhale the coffee’s fragrance – being careful not to inhale any coffee grounds.

It is imperative that a coffee is not roasted past a medium roast, as important flavor cupling and potential defects can easily get masked – obviously defeating the point of cupping. Beginner’s Guide to Cupping – The Guide home. A minimum of five cups is needed per sample to ensure uniform representation of the coffee sample. The numbers are there for reference purposes to note the overall intensity of, say, the sweetness. The Intelligentsia Simplified Form This first form is a slightly simplified version of the one that we use in our lab at the Intelligentsia Roasting Works.

There is space to jot down impressions as well as a bar to note the intensity of the aroma.


Cupping Fundamentals

Using the Intelligentsia Form The first thing you should note is the aromatic properties of the cup. Professional level espresso grinder at entry cuppiny prices, grind 18g in 5 seconds! There is space for notes, and a scoring box. In addition, there are a number of books that will walk you through the basics of cupping.

Typically cupping is performed in both producing and consuming countries, at times before and after a shipment of coffee arrives at its destination.

CoffeeGeek – Cupping Forms

Below is the lists of some basic equipment needed for any lab. Record your score on the cupping form. Although the terminology is relatively straight forward, you will see that many terms differ in meaning from country to country.

Tools and Coffee 4. Instead we employ the Intelligentsia Universal Balance System so named by a good friend of mine in the coffee trade where the score is determined non-arithmetically by the cupper so as to be in full harmony with his feelings about the overall quality of the coffee.

Once the coffee has been roasted allow it to rest overnight in a clean area. This is an evaluation of the body taste of the coffee, how it coats the palate, how it balances, and how it interacts on the four flavor zones of your tongue.

Now that the coffee is prepared, let’s begin with the first cuping in cupping – assessing the coffee’s “fragrance”.

But perhaps your best resource is the SCAA itself as it hosts a number scaz training sessions during their annual conference. Record this total pointage, as it will be subtracted from the overall score below.

We’ve also effectively replaced ‘clean cup’ dupping bitterness. Weight out approximately The net effect is a wider range of scores for good coffees.

Why People Cup scza. SCAA Cupping scores are measured on a scale, effectively meaning you start off with 60 points. For example, a coffee will receive 7 points for a 5 on body quality. My Profile My Orders. In much the same way that a wine ccupping would evaluate a fine Cabernet, cuppers must use a strict set of tasting protocols to assess quality. One key problem is that it was designed to be used at origin, where graders are concerned about avoiding defects as much as they are concerned about finding flavorful and interesting coffee.


Much like learning a new language, cupping is a ritual of its own and as such has its own for of terminology. If a coffee was deep and rich in the body, and balanced well on the tongue, it may score an 8 or 9.

The next step is to asses the coffee’s “aroma”. Initially developed by green coffee buyer, “cupping” provides a consistent methodology for evaluating a coffee’s quality before determining a price on a lot. Once all the parameters have been assessed, we subtract any defects that may have been present and get a Final Score. A “taint” and is any defect that is noticeable vupping usually not overwhelming in aromatic aspect. The form, which is broken up into ten parameters, allows panelists to rate and penalize for any defects found in the cup s.

SCAA Cupping protocol Vs. AC

This guide and all its components are owned by CoffeeGeek. People love our app because it’s fun and useful.

Instead of asking for a direct score, we ask users to record the specific aromas and flavors they identify, and award the coffee points for each one.