Ravenor, The Omnibus (A Warhammer Omnibus) [Dan Abnett] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contains the novels: Ravenor. The first three novels, Ravenor, Ravenor Returned, and Ravenor Rogue, were first published in hardcover and later re-published in paperback. An Omnibus. I recently finished the Ravenor books after absolutely loving Eisenhorn and must say that I was quite disappointed with the Ravenor trilogy. I.

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It wouldn’t make sense if you read the omnibus from the middle.

The roster of characters in this trilogy actually feel like people, with all their strengths and weaknesses, and wher I’ve said it before, but if anyone can take the unremittingly grim, guns-and-gore drenched building blocks of the Warhammer ravvenor world and create something worth reading out of it, it’s Dan Abnett.

Warhammer 40, 1 – 10 of books.

Not exactly a visceral living of theme, that. Inquisitor Voke is still one of my all-time favourite Inquisitors and went down with all the glory he deserved. Whilst in Eisenhorn the journey and Preperations were half the book, in Ravenor all of that happens off-screen and we only get told about it. Oct 24, Martin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve said it before, but if anyone can take the unremittingly grim, guns-and-gore drenched building blocks of racenor Warhammer 40k world and create something worth reading out of it, it’s Dan Abnett.

All we’ve seen them do, after all, is shoot at one another a bit. Ravenor is a vastly different character than Eisenhorn.

Set your 40kLore flair

Clarke Award 2 years ago. Nayl leads most operations and seems to be one of the most senior team members. Abnett, as always, is not content to play around in the sandbox of the 40k universe. The Hinterlight is equipped with a custom-built stealth device made partly with alien technology, partly powered by Ravenor’s own considerable psychic powers.


You have been warned. Wystan Frauka – An ‘Untouchable’, a man with the latent ability to block out psychic activity. Seriously, the Inquisitor trilogies are awesome, do yourself a favor This should have been a powerful moment, but we don’t see a second of her struggle, just vaguely hear about it from a distance. I will admit without giving away spoilers that I thought that some of the mechanisms to resolve prolems were tie plot leads together were a little too “convinent. Not as entertaining as Eisenhorn.

Ravenor was a member of the Imperial Inquisition and part of the Ordo Xenos, tasked with keeping humanity safe from unwanted alien influences. Still, it’s not that big a deal considering everything that led to the end.

Ravenor: The Omnibus by Dan Abnett

We are shown the demon’s rather undramatic birth in Ravenor and then get to sit through hundreds of pages of characters poorly ruminating as to who it might be. Abnett does well is put us in the thick of the omnigus future that is WH40K. Ravenor’s another great addition to the Interrogator chronicals Dan Abnett has writeen for the WH40k universe. At the novel’s end, we discover that Molotch, a villain who died in the prologue, is behind everything.

Now, here I’m going to have to plead ignorance a bit. This omnibus is comprised of 3 books and 2 short stories: If you’re going to read it, i suggest reading “Eisenhorn” first, because this book is a sequel of sorts to that text, and you’ll understand this book a lot better if you read that one first. The plots of all three books are simply a string of setpieces. Aspects of this succeed, particularly a scene where the infected manipulates a companion to near the point of suicide and wreaks havoc on the streets while speaking to Ravenor, and the good inquisitor remains blind.

I omnibua by that criticism. These books are fun, if dark, mysteries and the characters that play within them are well thought out and executed. Ravenkr as I said, read Eisenhorn first. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Humanity is not a noble race defending itself from enemies, rather it is just as ‘evil’ and flawed and willing to do anything to survive as any other.


We don’t see characters develop rapidly but we slowly get the inkling on how they ended up where they already are through getting more information on their past. I will say that, while I liked it, I did not love it.

This is not a frontline tale of the Space Marines holding back the Tyrannid swarm but rather a story set in the heart of the Imperium most of the setting’s novels are working so hard to protect.

Molotch is the Joker to Ravenor’s Batman; Worna is one of the omnibhs badass characters in whole Black Library and Orfeo is pretty original. While this one had it’s share of epic moments, and plenty of funny little dialogues or just those times when you’re just getting really into it ex.

But you are not reading warhammer 40k novels for depth, are tavenor That is, however, how I felt while reading the book. Come the start of the second Ravenor Returnedhe’s just fine. Feb 21, Christian rated it really liked it. Because of an apparent natural affinity he was Ravenor’s favourite vessel for waring. Eisenhorn had way better side characters. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jan 19, Hayley rated it it was ok Shelves: I’m not actually sure I ever finished this omnibus originally.