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AspPDF & AspPDF.NET Released

For more info, see Section 7. Image resizing component for creating high- quality thumbnails. Checkboxes and Combo Boxes with Null Values.

Please help us test AspPDF. The ability to select a tray has been added to the SendToPrinter method. Setting AspGrid image tip captions in languages other than English. This serious bug has now been fixed. Asp Jpeg Image resizing component for creating high- quality thumbnails.

The web site’s address is, predictably, www. It can be downloaded from www. The new version is now in beta. NET’s digital signing functionality required that the PDF document being signed and the digital certificate used for signing be both accessible to the PdfDocument.

A bug causing checkboxes and possibly other form items to disappear during PDF-to-Image conversion in some rare PDF forms has been fixed.

Stitch documents together and extract pages. Also the new version adds two new properties to the CryptoCert object: XUpload displays error after installing MS cumulative patch.


Please help us test this much-needed feature by going to www. This bug only affected AspEmail and not AspEmail. C code samples for other products are coming out soon. Sending information to the server failed, error or Search our article database: NET Compatibility Added to the AspEncrypt User Manual In response to our clients’ numerous support questions, we have added a new chapter to our user manual dedicated to the cipher key compatibility between AspEncrypt and the Microsoft.

A complete list of new features can be found here. NET’s content extraction functionality in your apps, persuts should upgrade to the latest version without delay. A preview is now available in persots form of several live demo applications demonstrating a few of this product’s key features. Persitz more information, and to download your free upgrade, visit www.

NET version does not need to be registered on the web server: The new version makes an attempt to recover from this error and only throws an exception as a last resort.

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Form collections are empty until a Save method is called. Email Agent service terminated with service-specific error code 3. NET and not EmailAgent. Character out of range error when using a standard font. Developed by the most powerful development tools on the market, our components are reliable, fast, and easy to use.

XEncrypt ActiveX control fails to download to client machine. When a data-bound form with FormOnSubmit is used, Cancel button does not work.


NET object models to represent color spaces and their supplementary tools, transformation functions. Server Component Leaders SincePersits Software engineers have been building server-side components for the Microsoft Windows environment that are now used by tens of thousands of companies, universities and government agencies all over the World.

Intercepting the File is persiys large error.

For more information, and to download the free evaluation version, please visit www. The upgrades are available free of charge to the registered users.

The new functionality pegsits described here: Currently under development, AspPDF is expected to be released later this year. This allows you to know where exactly a particular text string or string fragment is on the page. NET service releases 3. COM and obtain resolutions to many common problems and errors instantly.

Transfer Completed Successfully, but was unable to connect to a final page. File downloads via SendBinary are broken in Netscape 7. It also implements a background removal effect, known as “chroma key”, via the method DrawImageChromaKey. Also, form flattening has been implemented via the PdfForm method Flatten. Some malformed PDF documents generate the error “endstream not found” when being stitched or converted to an image.