Pure War. Paul Virilio & Sylvère Lotringer. Semiotext(E) () Pure and Impure in the Philosophy of Giorgio Duschinsky – – Telos: . A Review Play on Paul Virilio/ I Sylvere Lotringer,. Pure War. SILVIA FEDERICI. GEORGE CAFFENTZIS. The following is the transcript of a tape we received. 13 Feb According to Paul Virilio, a man who knows more about the military apparatus than most men We’re in a state of Pure War more specifically.

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At one point he wrote:. For Virilio and Lotringer’s commentary on the importance of speed an absolutely brilliant reformulation of speed as a producer of powerthe underdevelopment of civil society and the civil economy by the “necessities” of military production a different and better understanding of the military indu I don’t understand how a book can be so right, yet so wrong at the same time.

Possession of territory is not primarily about laws and contracts, but first and foremost a matter of movement and circulation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Architecture of Fear: Pure War

Sometimes puge works, often it doesn’t, leaving the reader dazzled and aphyxiated. In this dazzling dialogue with Sylvere Lotringer, Paul Virilio for the first time displayed the whole range of his reflections on the effect of speed on our civilization and every one of them has been dramatically confirmed over the years.

Virilio points out that the payl of the world around us are entwined in the fabric of war, or that is to say, they are the fabric of the war we exist in. In the same year, Virilio became director of the magazine L’Espace Critique. Sheikh Tajamul rated it really liked it Feb 18, RealTV Monotones rated it really liked it Jun 26, With the advent of technoscience, war has shifted from an evental confrontation to an infinite preparation wwaran infinite deployment of resources at the steady impoverishment of civil society.


Paul Virilio

Four Theories of Pure Dispositions. Paperbackpages. War was once waged on the scale of entire cities, then it was city blocks, and then individual buildings.

Since then he has been widely published, translated and anthologised. Vincent rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Silva – – Foundations of Physics 2 4: For Virilio, the concept of siege warfare became rather a war of movement. Nov 23, Leon Sandler rated it it was virioio. With respect to war, decisions are ultimately made by one person, our democracy of speed.

He is best known for his writings about technology as it has developed in relation to speed and power, with diverse references to architecture, psul arts, the city and the military. Published October 1st by Semiotext e first published January 1st Randall rated it it was ok Nov 12, Throughout his books the political and theological themes of anarchismpacifism and Catholicism reappear as central influences to his self-proclaimed ‘marginal’ approach to the question of technology.

Critical Theory of the Contemporary To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Pure War (semiotext

In the authors’ words:. But if the logic of deterrence assumes a certain humanity pual the other, what happens when the enemy is no longer a great power but a network of terrorist cells?

wag However, the introduction and the two postscripts are com In this collection of interviews conducted in Virilio supplies us with a kaleidoscopic glimpse of his thoughts on the relation between speed and perception, speed and war and ivrilio and time, speed and economy.

If and when he engages the individual, it tends to be almost at the level of metaphor, i. In it he suggested we lose wisdom and sight of our immediate horizon and resort to the indirect horizon of our dissimulated environment.

Like some other cultural theorists, he rejects labels – including ‘cultural theorist’ – yet he has been linked by others with post-structuralism and postmodernism.

Nathan rated it it was amazing Wad 22, What is the next scale? His work is full of clear insights on subjects that are both exigent and morally vital. Aristotle claimed that “there is no science of the accident”, but Virilio disagreed, pointing waf the growing credibility wra simulators designed to escape the accident— which he argued is an industry that is born from the unholy marriage of post-WW2 science and the military-industrial complex.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Influences Karl Marx[1] Guy Debord [2]. Virilio’s predictions about ‘logistics of perception’ – the use of images ivrilio information in war – in War and Cinemawere so accurate that during the Gulf War he was invited to discuss his ideas with French military officers.

Virilio argued that it was a ‘world war in miniature’. As a consequence, the distinction between war and peace ceased to apply, inaugurating the military-industrial complex and the militarization of science itself. The Oure of Phenomenology as an Autonomous Discipline. According to two geographers, Virilio was a “historian of warfare, technology and photography, a philosopher of architecture, military strategy and cinema, and a politically engaged provocative commentator on history, terrorism, mass media and human-machine relations.

After having been a longtime resident of the city of Paris, he moved to La Rochelle.

Find it on Scholar. Schopenhauer, Kant and Compassion. Maybe, let’s find out.

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Although the negative aspects of the military capitalism that Virilio describes cannot be denied, capitalism as Douglas Kellner and others have noted has also emerged in less lethal and more decentralized forms, with both positive and negative potential. No trivia or quizzes yet. He noted that the speed at which something happens may change its essential nature, and that which moves with speed quickly comes to dominate that which is slower. Isadora Wagner rated it really liked it Jan 01,