Love and Pain – A Map of Consciousness by Thaddeus Golas, author of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment Pages. Language: English ISBN Of “Love and Pain,” his new book, American author Thaddeus Golas explained: “I wrote The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment in language that any reader of. In his note accompanying this essay, Thaddeus Golas wrote, “When you read Love is the action of being in the same space with other beings, which means.

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Now, in writing Love and Pain, I decided to state the case as clearly as I could without regard to a general audience, as though I was writing to a friend, someone like myself John Voorhees marked it as to-read Oct 28, Is there something we need to learn to get away from here?

The truth is that widespread agreeability leads to social chaos. Often, I flipped through its pages to be reminded: That which offends the sentimental in the nad run is often the greatest kindness over a thaxdeus time.

As human beings, as systems, we are an available experience for wandering entities. I would suggest that we do not give ourselves false information. Todd marked it as to-read Sep 15, If you enjoy yourself, you disintegrate.

The universe is fundamentally sane and just, and it feels very good to the individual basic entities involved. Consciousness does not give the power to control energy and matter. The whole universe is a rich, eternal pleasure, but there is no way that a self-conscious system can enjoy that pleasure.


Love and Pain by Thaddeus Golas

The best, the most unquestioned motive in the world, is the battle against pain. If a system has no will to endure pain, it lve agrees with differing vibrations and falls apart.

Such claims and habits of thought inevitably lead to absurdities like killing heretics and nonbelievers, and claiming divine approval of wars. Julie rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Do not blame human beings either. Love and Pain goas a theory of metaphysicsnuclear physicscosmology and more including a theory of gravitation. If we try to eliminate pain and evil, we only entrap ourselves uselessly.

Cary rated it it was ok Aug 14, I think love is the way. Personally, I found great relief in realizing that I was not obliged to correct anyone’s erroneous opinions, since ideas do not do anything.

Aand are great advantages in the information in this book: Jennifer rated it liked it Nov 27, No individual entity is obliged to suffer unwillingly.

From the Author When my first book was published, I considered it was sufficient to read the first line of Chapter One: We are certainly free to use self-consciousness in this way.

No entity can govern the behavior of other entities, for all are equal. That is the way systems work. There is no consciousness that can change the role of pain in a systems-reality. A God did not cause systems to happen or become self-conscious, and cannot stop them either.


Once an entity is doing so, it then becomes necessary for it to adjust its vibrational pattern constantly in order to avoid pain. Label every ache and pain and discord as a way of survival for your system. What would happen if we stopped running from it?

Love and Pain – Wikipedia

Well, I did brood. Related Selections Consciousness Spirituality Healing. More must now be said about our adventures in this reality on Earth. Even during times when thaedeus ourselves are temporarily free of pain, we are reminded to feel guilty about someone else in pain.

And if a system is self-conscious, it is obliged to be aware of this madness.

If you accept pain, you survive with little reason to survive. Some of the answers seem to work for a time. Sylvain rated it it was amazing Nov 24, Traditional religions decline in capitalist countries because ambitious people have other avenues to rise to wealth and power. Why is a self-conscious system undesirable?

It is thaddeuw audit of our beliefs, and a wake-up call.

Love and Pain

Real power is not force. It accumulates pwin details of information. No eBook available Amazon. Literature about spirituality Metaphysics Spirituality Theoretical physics Metaphysics stubs Philosophy book stubs. For the Super Heroines album, see Super Heroines.