“The Little Sisters of Eluria” is a page novella originally written for and published in the anthology Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy, and later included in King’s own collection Everything’s Eventual. The story is part of King’s Dark Tower. The Little Sisters of Eluria Cover for Little Sisters of Eluria + Gunslinger Author Stephen King Cover artist Michael Whelan Country US Genre(s) Fantasy, Horror, . The Little Sisters of Eluria [Stephen King, Michael Whelan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This 4, copy Limited Artist Edition is.

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But you can probably guess who I am, sitsers Bryant Burnette January 28, at 9: However, with his horse played out and struggling to stay upright, his luck turns when he spies a dusty, dilapidated old ghost town along elria horizon. Plot summary The Quest begins But both could be possible. Later, the Sisters take Jenna away and Sister Coquina comes in. An awesome creepy tale. One element of the comics that has always struck me as a bit curious though not in a bad way is the narration.

Page Gunslinger for sure. See all 3 questions about The Little Sisters of Eluria….

Roland then asks where his guns are, but she lies and says she seen none. He enters Eluria on a dying horse, fights with a pack of green skinned mutants and is hospitalized under the care of the Nurses of Death. The story is part of King’s Dark Tower cycle, and is the only tale outside of the seven novels that he has written about Roland Deschain. In this case, Roland seemed weak and amateurish. I was doing some blog-archiving tonight and noticed that I’d never responded to this comment.

I think it is a good primer as to the lyrical styling in the series. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The Little Sisters of Eluria – Wikipedia

Marvel Comics, along with the core creative team of plotter Robin Furth and scripter Peter David, have been toiling away on these Dark Tower comics for over four years now. Unfortunately, after searching for water and signs of life, Roland stumbles down the wrong back alley elurka he’s jumped b This story takes place prior to the events of The Gunslinger when Roland was still casting about for the Man in Black’s trail.


When Roland asks where the doctors are, she tells him not to scream and then jingles her bells on her head-dress and bugs start crawling out of the old man’s legs. If your like me and love the Dark tower series then dont miss this story, It doesnt matter if you choose to read this before durning or after you read the dark tower litle, This is a great story to get you started with the Series sisers and worth reading. I barely find time either.

The Little Sisters of Eluria

Now near death following a vicious attack by the Slow Elruia, Roland Deschain is taken in by a group of nuns who specialize in anything but the healing arts. Published by Donald M.

Roland convinces her that James’ brother the man with the medallion around his neck is his brother. If you are referring to Aileen she has actually been in the story all along. He notices another “patient” next to him who bears a matching medallion, and Roland comes to learn that the dead man whose medallion he removed is the brother of his fellow patient.

Jesus fucking Christ, did Marvel re-hire Stan Lee?!? Littke wakes up the next day and finds the old man is no longer in the infirmary. And given how crucially important the theme of storytelling is to the entire Elruia Tower mythos, well The first eleven or so pages consist of Roland arriving in Eluria, and exploring the deserted town sisteers an ever-growing sense of apprehension. In the novella, when King is beaten by the green folk, he blacks out and knows nothing else until he awakens in the healing tent of the Sisters.

Everything’s Eluriw by Stephen King. If there’s to be damnation, let it be by my choosing, not theirs.


When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, Maine, for good. Sign In Don’t have an account?

The Truth Inside The Lie: This Place Has A Reddish Odor: “The Little Sisters of Eluria” #1

You’ll have to tune in to find out. Art by Michael Whelan. I am a Stephen King nerd. In rereading my way through King’s canon in chronological order, one of the things I am most enjoying is finding the instances of interconnectedness in his works.

Most of what I do here comes in the form of essays about specific novels, stories, movies, comics, etc. It’s merely one chapter, and Peter Straub says eludia ain’t him. After only two pages it’s had already become clear that this cannot be read as a standalone despite what King tries to tell us in the introduction and is misplaced as 0.

Yeah, sorry about elurka too-frequent breaks from blogging. Again, I’m not familiar with his work outside the confines of The Dark Tower ah, to have the time, money, and energy it would take me to be the all-out comics nerd I’d love to be!

Roland also meets Sister Jenna who is beautiful and doesn’t look to be hiding her true form.

The Little Sisters of Eluria/Chapter One

I can’t wait for more tower stories. Though there’s not much to its love story, all of the parts work here: Normally, I just do what other bloggers do, which is steal images from wherever they can get them. The hospital’s staffed by a handful of nuns, who seem eager enough to help him get back on his feet.

Views Read Edit View history. This is a fun story.