A collection of the first four issues of the popular Lenore comic book series. Lenore: Noogies is a romp into the dark, surreal world of a little dead girl. Featuring. The cute little dead girl Lenore #1 (Vol. 1), Lenore #2 (Vol. 1), Lenore #3 (Vol. 1), Lenore #4 (Vol. 1), Lenore #5 (Vol. 1), Lenore #6 (Vol. 1), Lenore. Lenore, “The Cute Little Dead Girl” is a macabre character created by Roman Dirge, inspired by the poem “Lenore” by the great Edgar Allan Poe. At first, the.

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This is the first volume of Lenore and has the first four issues that have been painstakingly recreated and coloured by Roman Dirge himself. I’m that speedy these days. It’s a very educational issue of Lenore this time… More. She is rmoan told to stop as a funeral is taking place. Taxidermy was imprisoned as a result for taking on the Egyptian gods but was later discovered by an archaeologist who accidentally released him.

Naturally this is a great testament to the hilarity of this brilliant comic. Lenore dances ballet in a graveyardcausing a loud reaction from the crows. No trivia or quizzes yet. That final battle scene was epic.

Mortimer first appeared in 1 of Volume II seeking revenge on Lenode, after her unexpectedly coming back to life during him embalming her created a dramatic change to his life, losing his family romzn his business.

Roman Dirge – Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl

The Spam Witch and Pooty Applewater have an awkward exchange implying a past intimate relationship which did not resolve well. Other features you may like Read Dirgge. I never thought he could be so rotted and ugly under his hood- you would think Lenore would like him better with it on, but she actually wants him for a boyfriend with it off. King For A Day!


To further question this, it should also be mentioned that whenever Lenore gets really upset or angry, she can be very violent and often takes her anger out on whoever made her angry even if it is one of her friends.

If you want to read them may I suggest watching the elnore shorts first?

When I got to the strip about the life of the walking leaf insect I laughed so hard I got a case of the hiccups that lasted 8 hours while I was at rooman. Is there a hit on me?

I love Lenore and Roman Dirge for creating her and bringing her to ‘life’. An epic-length adventure as Lenore meets the Drea… More. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Lenore Volume I consists of three hardcover graphic novels that include 12 issues of the original Lenore Series originally published by Slave Labor Graphics but in full color: Featuring stories about limbless cannibals, clock monsters, cursed vampire dolls, taxidermied friends and obssesed would be lover and more fuzzy animal mutilations than should be legal.

Lenore Series by Roman Dirge

I guess I’m saying I’m old? Gosh suffering in the background, have a detailed conversation about a film. The Spam Witch is then involved in a celebratory tea party. There’s no lwnore way to describe the comics other than morbidly funny. When Lenore realizes who he is, well, more than his heart is broken. He has a small, bucket-like head and carries a trident. But, 2 issues later, he re-appeared in Issue 3, Volume 2, and has stayed with Lenore and Ragamuffin as a permanent resident since.

Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl – Wikipedia

She then exclaims, “I don’t do guilt! Want to Read saving…. Like her singsong voice chanting “Broken, broken, broken” and Ragamuffin’s sibilant sounds. You wouldn’t believe the amount of scars and broken bones I’ve had. Shelve Lenore 11 Vol. Lenore 13 by Roman Dirge. Esiste un mio video su Youtube in cui parlo abbastanza liberamente di Roman Dirge e dei volumi dedicati a Lenore in particolare.


Lenore says she loves animals especially catsbut she constantly kills all her pets.

Had already read the Goman comics what seemed like a million years ago but my excellent boyfriend bought me this as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. I absolutely look forward to collecting the rest of these hardbacked color editions to add to the collection. Lenore manages to trap it with the plunger and flush it back down the toilet.

Who Will Die, Part 1. Lenode is madly and obsessively in love with Lenore. However, the actual story makes up for this distasteful scene. In the original, animated series, he is voiced by Roman Dirge, the titular author of the comics.

After a few years, his passion for art overtook him and he created the comic about Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl for Xenophobe magazine. After a few years, his passion for art overtook drge and he created the comic about Lenore, the Cute Littl Roman Dirge born on April 29, is an artist and magician, and the creator of the Lenore comic-book series; he currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Aug 26, Nora Cayetano rated it it was amazing Shelves: Half of the fun of the series is that it refuses to riman itself seriously, so it’s really hard to get offended by Lenore.

This is my review for the entire Lenore series Issues