The unknown life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch(Book) Translated from the original french of ‘La vie inconnue de Jesus Christ’, this fascinating lateth century account by Russian La vida secreta de Jesucristo by Nicolas Notovitch (Book) Audience level: (from for La vida se to for Le Tsar, s. Notovitch’s story, with the text of the “Life,” was published in French in as La vie inconnue de Jesus Christ. It was. The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ The Original Text of Nicolas Notovitch’s Discovery . La vida secreta de Jesús (Bolsillo) (INVESTIGACIÓN) [Colección.

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Archibald Douglas took it upon himself to make the journey to the Hemis monistry to conduct a personal interview with the same head monk. Political Confession of Faith. La Falsificacion de la Realidad. Another view of Stalin.


The lamas told Swami that Jesus Christ came secretly to Kashmir after his resurrection and lived in a monastery surrounded by many disciples. Modern Forgeries, Lies, and Deceptions”. The Life of Apollonius Notogitch. Crociate, una memoria imbarazzante.

Notovitch, Nicolas 1858-

The Jesus of the New Age Movement. El Mundo de Tolkien. Alexandr Dugin 1 2 3. Looking Backward From to Nuremberg, the Last Battle.

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De Marx al Che. Cataclysms Of The Earth. The Life of Saint Issa. They also told him that the manuscript on Jesus Christ was shown to Notovich and contents interpreted so that he could translate them into Russian. El APRA y su historia. Decreta Online Books Page. Gateway Books, Bath, UK.

The Anatomy of Melancholy. Industrial Society and its Future. Swami Abhedananda’s Journey into Kashmir and Tibet. Traditional Catholic On-Line Library. The consensus view amongst modern scholars is that Notovitch’s account of the travels of Jesus to India was a hoax.


Ignatius Donnelly and The End of the World. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu.

Did Jesus travel to India? The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. He visits Jerusalem, where Pilate nicolak apprehensive about him. WarNews — Notizie dai conflitti.

As Notovitch embarked on a treacherous journey to track down the evidence, he broke his leg in an accident and found himself recuperating at a monastery that possessed a copy of the document. Karl Marx y Friedrich Engels.

Bernard 1 2 M.

Fundamentos del Pensamiento Bundisch. Security and Overseas Interests.