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We are grateful for any help in filling the Otto Memorial website. To this account of possible Cathar doctrines Rahn adds and subtracts with perfect freedom. The fate of the hero is less like apotheosis and more like psychic mulch. How have rahh fallen from the heavens, O glowing morning star; been cut down to the ground O conqueror of Nations?

A Corte de Lucifer, French | Otto Rahn Memorial

Many paths and bridges lead to him. Colonel of the United States Army, medical officer. Or perhaps that term is too easy. Rahn does manage to luciger some hiking, apparently with another German, who may also have been another SS man: The sections of the book, all undated and very brief, are headed by place names; the author tells us what he saw or felt or did at each location. Dualism involves two universal principles in conflict.

The companion delivers a lecture. The point has never been the recovery of an empirically verifiable historical tradition. I have been studying the Third Reich and the occult for 30 years. Provins is a small region to the southeast of Paris, while Provence is a major region in the south of France.

A Corte de Lucifer, French

Rahn identifies with Quixote, but not in the sense that either was really deluded. Rather, to use a term that Rahn or this translation does not use, Rahn realizes that he has been seeking to clarify an archetype.


I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north Reykjavik the capital was a town of corrugated-iron roofs and concrete walls. We may note that, after the meditation, he camps with a group of Hitler Youth; they are Courtiers of Lucifer, too.

Catharism is actually a blanket term for a range of sects and beliefs which had some currency throughout Europe. There are ancient doctrines which make a hero of Lucifer, or at any rate, of Satan: For Rahn, Isaiah speaks for the great enemy: Odin was eaten by a wolf The North is key for Rahn, both as a symbol and as a source of historical influence from pre-historic times.

A long section of the book is an excerpt from Don Quixote, the story of the old knight whose mind was so addled rabn reading romances of medieval chivalry that he could no longer tell the difference between the stories and reality.

In this work, Rahn has become more radical. Rahn does not make these distinctions, and since he is concerned with Cathars elsewhere, particularly in Germany, we will luifer that term. The Grail for Rahn, to the extent that he considers it a physical object, is the German Grail, the Stone that fell from Heaven ludifer Parzival, rather than the cup associated with Jesus in the Anglo-French Grail stories.

The quest of the Argonauts for the Golden Fleece is, in some ways, the same story. As it says in the Edda, Baldr returned and announced to mankind the divine mystery of the earth and the cosmos: The myths of northern Europe reflect the coming of the current dark age; they also foreshadow its ending.


Much of this discourse otyo on the relationship we have just considered between myth and history. This book pretty much sums the subject up. Where something divine or celestial strikes the Earth, we are told, a horde may corhe into a people. By rising above their individuality and embracing this struggle, heroes can hope to attain a genuine immortality by entering the mythical realm.

Otto Rahn Biography English. The sections are arranged in three groups.

La corte de Lucifer, Spanish

For him, the New Testament, or part of it, is the revelation of a good, alien God. The Cathars seemed to have believed that Jesus was never really material, and that he was never crucified. Lucifer, properly understood, is the hero of the story. The Cathars seem to have been Manicheans, in the sense their theology was like that of the third-century Zoroastrian would-be prophet, Mani, though luclfer may not have knowingly looked to him for inspiration.

A review of Otto Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court by John J. Reilly | Otto Rahn Memorial

The second group includes trips to northern Italy, Switzerland, and southern Germany. Cathar anti-natalism and horror of matter disappear entirely: Legends communicate a higher truth than does sober history. They represent the Jewish and German or Aryan peoples and the struggle between them. Facebook Like Google Plus One.