31 Jul Certified Public Accountants are skilled and competent professional accountants, auditors, finance managers, tax consultants and practitioners. New Kasneb CPA (Certified Public Accountants) Syllabus CPA Part I. Section 1 . Financial Accounting · Introduction to law · Entrepreneurship and. KASNEB CPA Certified Public Accountant, Exam, Syllabus, Results, CPA Part 1, Section 1, 2, CPA PART II, Section 3, 4, CPA PART III, Section 5, 6, Internship.

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A candidate who passes this paper should be able to: The paper sharpens learners to arrive at informed decisions using economics principles.

This part of the new curriculum focuses sylkabus imparting skills, knowledge, and proper attitudes for graduates to analyze and prepare financial statements in different working environments. Statements of financial performance income statementstatement of financial position balance sheet – Accounting for issue and forfeiture of shares: Sales journal, purchases journal, returns inwards ksneb returns outwards journals, cashbook, petty cashbook – The ledgers: Issue of shares, forfeiture and re-issue of shares – Published accounts: A candidate may attempt two sections in a part together or separately in ascending order but kaseb proceeding cap the next part, a candidate must pass the lower part.

May 9, May 14, The minimum period of experience required is three years. Learners are expected to acquire skills, attitudes, and knowledge to apply commercial law principle in different commercial setups.

The paper equips learners with knowledge and attitudes to apply communication and entrepreneurial skills in diverse environments including business. In this way, a candidate will be able to set aside three years as a margin of safety in case of unforeseen circumstances in the preparation for the examination.


KASNEB CPA Examination – Certified Public Accountant, Attachment

The syllabuss period of experience required is three years. This is a requirement of IES 5 which provides for practical experience as part of the pre-qualification programme.

The paper instructs on quantitative analysis as a tool in decision making and business operations. Exams to be phased out include: KASNEB Professional examinations A person seeking to be registered as a student for any of the professional examinations must show evidence of being a holder of one of the following minimum qualifications: The paper deals with the application of advanced management accounting techniques in making crucial business decisions.

The paper teaches on formulation and implementation of strategies to demonstrate effective governance and ethical practices.


KASNEB was established in July as a state corporation and has continually remained at the forefront in promoting professional studies. Ksh Single Section 2 Paper: Upon qualifying, the CPA examination graduates are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills they require in order to present themselves to the public as professional accountants.

The exam is divided into 3 parts of two sections each having three papers. The IESs prescribe requirements relating to entry, professional training and practice as required by International Federation of Accountants IFAC for the qualification programme for professional accountants.

KASNEB CPA syllabus 2018-2019

This will include papers where the titles may have changed but syllabud substantive content has remained the same, such as Management Accounting previously Cost Accounting in CPA Section 2.

Ideally therefore, a student should be able to complete the CPA examination in between four and a half and six years.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The transition arrangements will work out as follows: The following examinations will be administered under the new syllabuses: The examination is divided into three parts of two sections each.

The paper centers on application taxation concepts, financial management regulations, and principles. The same will apply to those who sit and pass the Diploma Level I. The syllabs is the same for candidates sitting for exams in Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda,Rwanda,India and any other country that has candidates for the professional courses. Ksh Single Section 6 Paper: A person seeking to be registered as a student for any of the professional examinations must show evidence of being a holder of one of the following minimum qualifications: Payables, loans and loan stocks.

Those who do not pass will be transferred to Level I of the respective Diploma with effect from 1 January List of Presidential Candidates in Kenya, To access details of fee structure click Syyllabus.

Revised Exemption Policy Explain the nature and purpose of accounting Write up books for original vpa Prepare basic ledger accounts under double syatem Prepare basic financial statements of sole traders, partnerships and companies Explain the regulatory framework of accounting Account for assets and liabilities Prepare financial statements of profit and not-for-profit organisations Analyse financial statements.

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