Karl Spiesberger (29 October – 1 January ) was a German mystic, occultist, Germanic revivalist and Runosophist. He is most well known for his. Karl Spiesberger Biography – – Karl Spiesberger Biography and List of Works – Karl Karl Spiesberger Is the author of books such as Elementargeister. Karl Spiesberger (Spießberger), also formerly known as Frater Eratus or Fra Eratus (his mystico-magical name whilst a member of and involvement with the.

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Dowsing for metal ore, from ” De re metallica libri XII” book. Views Read Edit View history. The Verein Deutsches Haus subsequently published three of Lists works in its series on German nationalist studies of history and literature, List began regularly writing spiesberer a weekly newspaper, the Ostdeutsche Rundschau, which had been established in by the Austrian Pan-German parliamentary deputy Karl Wolf. The best known of these new voices was Spiesberger.

Its abuse led to a decree of the inquisition inan epigram by Samuel Sheppard, from Epigrams theological, philosophical, and romantick runs thus, Virgula divina. In the same time, he devoted himself to writing. Die Aura des Menschen: Both were proponents of the Armanen Runes. Hazel twigs in Europe and witch-hazel in the United States are traditionally commonly chosen, the two ends on the forked side are held one in each hand with the third pointing straight ahead.

Conceptualised hypnosis as a state of enhanced suggestibility and he has defined hypnotism as a form of influence by one person exerted on another through the medium or agency of suggestion. He is most well known for his revivalism and usage of the Sidereal Pendulum for divination and dowsing and spiesbwrger his anti-racialist stance and revivalist usage of the Armanen Futharkh runic system after the second world war, removing its negative connotations.

Karl Spiesberger – WikiVisually

Use of a divining Rod observed in Britain in the late 18th century. He also analyzed the problems of the popular occult historiography books written on the topic.

He worked intensively with the magical use of the Armanen Futharkh runes. List later claimed that while his friends caroused, he celebrated the event with a fire, List soon abandoned the leather goods business that he inherited, spiesbegrer on devoting himself to literary endeavours as a journalist, even if this meant a significant reduction in his income. Classified as a new movement, its practitioners model their faith on the pre-Christian belief systems adhered to by the Germanic peoples kar, Iron Age.


Praxis by Karl Spiesberger Book 2 editions published in in German and held by 7 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. When a pendulum is displaced sideways from its resting, equilibrium position, when released, the restoring force combined with the pendulums mass causes it to oscillate about the equilibrium position, swinging back and forth.

The digitised versions are then available for use in the reading rooms of the German National Library in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main only. Other Austrian German nationalist newspapers which published his articles during this period included the Bote aus dem Waldviertel, List began lecturing on these subjects, for instance, in February he spoke to the nationalist Verein Deutsches Geschichte on the ancient priesthood of Wotan 5.

Scholarly estimates put the number of Heathens at no more than 20, worldwide, with communities of practitioners being active in Europe, North America, scholars of religious studies classify Heathenry as a new religious movement, and more specifically as a reconstructionist form of modern Paganism. Some dowsers prefer branches from trees, and some prefer the branches to be freshly cut.

Spiesberger, Karl

There are documentaries and books on the topic, among the most significant of which are The Morning of the Magicians, Nazism and occultism has also been featured in numerous films, novels, comic books and other fictional media.

Karl Spiesberger 29 October — 1 January [ citation needed ] was a German mysticoccultistGermanic revivalist and Runosophist. Pendulums are also used in instruments such as accelerometers and seismometers.

Karl Spiesberger has written many works. Hitler speaking at a huge mass meeting, the Nuremberg Rally As a member of the lodge founded by Gardner Fraternitas Saturni he was brother under his lodge name “Eratus” in Riesa. Although still far more readily available in its original German text, it is now also available in its English translation entitled Reveal the Power of the Pendulum.

Spiesberger’s works were always cast in the 18 rune Futharkh the Armanen Runes as originally envisioned by Guido von List and magically developed by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.


Those of the old rune magicians and occultists who had survived the war in Germany, slowly began to make their way back to their work, and new voices were also heard. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

Like most authors on esoteric or magical subjects, he presents a mixture of the old with some original innovations of his own. The Librarys highest management body, the Administrative Council, was expanded to include two MPs from the Bundestag, the law also changed the name of the library and its buildings in Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. Occultism is the study of practices, including magic, alchemy, extra-sensory perception, astrology, spiritualism, religion.

Siegfried Adolf Kummer borndied unknown was a German mystic and Germanic revivalist. Pendel-Praxis by Karl Spiesberger Book 6 editions published between and in German and held by 17 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Its accuracy was about a second per year. These collections were put online in and were some of the most frequently visited sites of the German National Library, in June the German National Library discontinued access to both collections on its website for legal reasons. Dowsing as practiced today may have originated in Germany during the 15th century, as early as Martin Luther listed dowsing for metals as an act that broke the first commandment.

Spiesberger, Karl [WorldCat Identities]

Spiesberger is well known as the single most important person to revive Germanic mysticism after the second world war, including the Armanen Runes and the Pendulum.

This is a weight on the end of a massless cord suspended from a pivot, when given an initial push, it will swing back and forth at a constant amplitude. The time for one cycle, a left swing and a right swing, is called the period.

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Praktische Telepathie; Gedanken, die Grosskraft der Natur. Gregorius[3] who in founded the Lodge ” Fraternitas Saturni ” and came into close contact with him.