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Relocated headquarters Chuo-ku,Tokyo Mar. Radiator type heat exchangers Japanese. Launched sales of SHC-type water-cooled oil cooler Oct.

Product line-up heat exchangers Shell and tube type heat exchangers. At Kamui, we discuss the issues with the customer and then present the solution that offers the most benefits, and deliver products that can be used with almost any equipment coloer any environment.

Talk to our specialists and we will select the optimal heat exchanger to match the required conditions.

Development of EX-type water-cooled oil cooler Showa55 Oct. This is an oil cooler with built-in refrigeration that automatically controls the temperature of liquids such as lubricants, hydraulic oil, cutting oil, cutting fluid, etc.

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Shell and tube type heat exchangers Japanese Radiator type heat exchangers Japanese. Entrusted by Japan small and medium enterprise corporation.

Product information – KAMUI Co. Ltd.

Third stage of Chiba Factory completed Chiba Factory. Completion of fluid bed heat exchanger Heisei9 Dec.

Apr, Technological innovation project of promotion for specific topics Development of technology for reduction of nox emission from diesel engine in the co-generation system. Two plates, A and B, are arranged alternately, creating a flow path between them, wherein heat exchange is performed between kamii low temperature fluid and a high temperature fluid.

Application for international patents of the above units. Shell and tube type heat exchanger Radiator-type heat exchanger plate-fin type heat exchanger Plate type heat exchanger Automatic temperature tuner using the immersion method.


Troubleshooting guide Check here first for information on possible causes and remedies if you are having problems with one of our products. In the event of any problems with a Kamui product, please feel free to contact us.

Our ability is founded on over 50 years of experience as a heat exchange manufacturer. These products have been designed to keep the hydraulic fluid, compressed air or lubricant, etc. Concluded technical sales agreement on oil filter with Arlon BV of the Netherlands. Developed and launched sales of compact automatic temperature tuner Heisei5 Aug. Participation in Chicago Exhibition Showa63 Feb.


Heat Transfer Products :: KAMUI fs

First-stage of Chiba Factory kanui Oct. Shell and tube type heat exchangers Japanese. Commences manufacture and sales of general heat exchanger units for chemical use. Short lead times and punctual delivery We spare no effort to ensure that our products reach the customer by the promised delivery date, if not sooner. Started construction at Kamui Vietnam Co.

The 50th Anniversary of the Foundation. Each and every employee works to make our customers happy to choose Kamui products. Fluid is passed kami the shell cylinder and various tubes heat transmission tubesand heat exchanged between them. Installed welding robots and other new equipment in Chiba factory.

You can also check the FAQ Japanese and troubleshooting pages on this site. Manufacturing commencement of Taiwan Factory Chiba Factory. Shell and tube type heat exchangers. And commencement of operation.