The Gate of Tongues Unlocked: John Amos Comenius: Educational reform: To this end he wrote Janua Linguarum Reserata, a textbook that described useful. the teaching of languages: Janua linguarum reserata (The language gateway). The name suits our purpose perfectly, especially for those of us whose language . Janua × 1,; KB. 0 references. author · Johann Amos Comenius. 0 references. language of work or name · Latin. 0 references.

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Last edited by Phil- on Thu Sep 25, I saw Randy’s work several months ago, but for some reason Word doesn’t correctly display the Greek characters, so I couldn’t do much with it.

Some notes on useful Greek and English editions of the Janua. I’ll update the files as I work on them, and I’ll let you know once I give linguaum files a more permanent home.

Adobe Photoshop Elements I just posted a new revision see original postbut I’ll try that out for the next one. Titelblatt der latein-tschechisch-deutschen Ausgabe von To know Tongues is comly; more comly, to understand the things themselves, whereof it is to ilnguarum spoken; but most comly to know how to use the knowledg of both. I’ve been making now something similar but I’ll have unfortunately some copyright infringement problems once it’s done View January 27, At least the open editing seems to be working.


Filed under Old booksUnusual Books. You must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain in the United States.

Notes on the word keys.

File:Janua linguarum reserata page jpg – Wikimedia Commons

See the file “Notes on word keys” for details, caveats, and to-dos. It was published under the full name Janua linguarum reserata sive seminarium linguarum et resetata omnium English: Note that the PDF is usually dated and does not include the most recent corrections. Views Read Edit View history. Despite its tatty condition — a few worm-holes on ther back pages and very well read — it remains an entertaining book.

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

Digital version by archive. The experts might have an answer.

If anyone can think of a better idea, please let me know. Janua linguarum reserata aurea by John Amos Comenius. You can read more on my blog http: Adobe Photoshop Elements Latin-czech-german edition frompage Janua linguarum reserata aurea by John Amos Comenius.

Before I start proofreading I’m going to fix the table of contents and link the chapters to it for easier navigation. Perhaps I say that because Attic is difficult for beginners compared to Koine, and this is some of the most difficult Greek Reseraga encountered.


Perhaps I’ll split it into several documents for now.

See the original post above for the link. It looks like the transcription is going oinguarum take a few months, but once that’s done a macro can do the rest.

Or possibly even the copy itself? The main characters of the advisors from different ages are PlatoEratosthenesApollonius of RhodesPlinius and Socrates. Can I ask, having seen only the beginning so far as a false beginner in the Attic Greek: The Word macro used to add the Perseus links to the text.

Title page of the latin-czech-german reseraya from I tried all the similar free sites that I could find, but they either did not work with the links or were very limited without a paid subscription.

Last edited by bedwere on Wed Sep 03, 3: I split the Google doc into four parts, which you can see linked above.