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IEC Standard | Calculation of the continuous current rating of cables ( % load factor). ument IEC the current carrying capabilities of power cables can be mathematically modelled. Current rating of power cables can hence be done without. IEC Electric cables – Calculation of the current rating – Part Current rating equations ( % load factor) and calculation of losses – General.

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Thermal Problem Principle- simple wire in homogeneous material The methodology taken to the sizing of cables is that of treating the issue as a thermal problem. Insulating materials have dielectric losses, alternating current introduces skin effect, sheath and eddy current losses, several cables are simultaneously producing heat and the surrounding materials 6087 non-homogeneous and have boundary temperature conditions.

Symbols – Fault Calculations. Economic Optimisation of Cables.

IEC 60287 Current Capacity of Cables – Rated Current

IEC Reference Designations The IEC publishes a series of documents and rules governing the preparation of documents, drawings and the referencing of equipment. If you have any comments or something is not clear enough, please ice these below.

IECitself does have the correct equation. IEC Fault Calculations.

We then looked at one method of applying the standard and identified resources enabling the calculation of all the various parameters involved. Derating Factors – cables grouped in air. In this instance the current capacity should be evaluated for each type of installation condition and the worse case taken. The rate of heat flow is related to the temperature difference across the cable and affected by the ambient temperature, temperature rises due to other cables and any critical temperature rise of the soil above ambient.


Modelica is an open source free software language for modelling complex systems. In terms of the thermal model and for a simple a. There are a lot of interesting two page type notes on various medium voltage topics — switchgear, circuit breakers, bus systems etc. While the standard addresses each of these issues, the resulting equations are more complex do take some effort to solve.

If you have some expert knowledge or experience, why not consider sharing this with our community. I dont know how i can thank you for the great information’s you provide,and its really appreciated. View 8 Comments old system.

The 62087 and heat generated are dependent on the amount of current flowing within the cable. It looks logical, otherwise we would have been a squared resistance in the denominator.

The flow chart shows one recommended path for working through a cable sizing exercise in line with the standard. I – conductor current, A R’ – d. Symbols – Cable Derating Factors. Comments are closed for this post: The more you exceed the greater the effect.

As the cable heats up rate of heat dissipation will increase. The complexity of these rooms varies considerably depending on location, function and At some temperature the oec at which heat is being dissipated to the environment will be the same as the rate at which it is generated due to loses.

Symbols – Circuit Breakers. During the 13, kM trip the vans will drive themselves Steven McFadyen Steven has over twenty five years experience working on some of the largest construction projects.


The equations give a safe steady state rated current for a cable.

IEC 60287 Current Capacity of Cables – Introduction

I 2 R ‘ The heat flow watts per unit length from the conductor is given by: To let a positive comment, I find your website very helpful. Just another thing I’ve just noticed still easy to figure out because of unexpected results in the section “Buried cables where drying-out of the soil is to be avoided”, AC part, in the 660287, it should be a subtraction instead of an addition. Summary Within the note the IEC have been introduces and the problem of finding the current capacity of a cable boiled down to that of a thermal calculation.

Within the standard, there are a lot of equations and it can be confusing to persons who are new to the method.


Support Tip – Browser Cache. Applying the IEC Standard click to enlarge The reality of any cable installation is more complex than described above. Two driverless and solar 660287 vans have departed from Italy on their way to China via the silk road. For cables which have varying or cyclic loads, the current rating could possibly be increased.

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Newsletter Subscription Ied to our newsletter to receive site updates. As the current increases, the losses increase and the thermal equilibrium temperature of the cable will increase. One topic per page All topics one page Export Print Email.

Cable Sheath and Armour Loss.