The International Convention on Load Lines (CLL), was signed in London on 5 April , amended by the Protocol and further revised in LL69 Interpretation to ICLL Reg. Rev.1 July LL70 Corrosion Margin for Hatch Cover Design. Jan LL71 Similar Stage of. Rev.1 Nov LL Position of freeboard deck on float on/float off barge carriers. (Regulation 3(9)). Rev.1 July LL Interpretation to ICLL Reg.

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No certificate shall be extended for a period longer than 3 months, and a ship to 19666 an extension is granted shall not, on its arrival in the port in which it is to be surveyed, be entitled by virtue of such extension to leave that port without having a new certificate. Steering arrangements 12 Steering arrangements shall be effectively protected from damage by cargo and, as far as practicable, shall be accessible.

The term “timber deck cargo” means a cargo of timber carried on an uncovered part of a freeboard or superstructure deck. Freeboards and Load line s which are not applicable need not be entered on the certificate. In these special circumstances, the new certificate shall be valid to a date not exceeding 5 years from the date of completion of the renewal survey.

International Convention on Load Lines

Article 27 SignatureAcceptance and Accession Ingangsdatum: Article 02 Definitions For the purpose of the present Convention, unless expressly provided otherwise: Freeboard increase over tabular freeboard for Type “B” ships, for ships with hatch covers not complying with Regulation 15 7 or 16 Freeboards at intermediate lengths of ship shall be obtained by linear interpolation.

Permanente link Article 07 Force Majeure Ingangsdatum: If the bulwark is less than 0. Niet meer geldig Dit onderwerp bevat de volgende rubrieken.

It shall be marked amidships on each side of the ship, and its upper edge shall normally pass through the point where the continuation outwards of the upper surface of the freeboard deck intersects the outer surface of the shell as illustrated in figure 4. When this lower deck is stepped the lowest line of the deck and the continuation of that line parallel to the upper part of the deck is taken as the freeboard lcll.


Bij klikken wordt een externe website met een relatieoverzicht geopend op overheid. In every case the Administration concerned fully guarantees the completeness and efficiency of the survey, inspection and marking.

Any such ship shall, however, comply with safety requirements, which, in the opinion of that Administration, are adequate for the service for which it is intended and are such as to ensure the overall safety of the ship and which are 166 to the Governments of the States to be visited by ic,l ship. Where the sheer is less than the standard the percentage shall be obtained by interpolation. For the guidance of Administrations the following limits may be regarded as satisfactory: This survey shall be such as to ensure that the arrangements, material and scantlings fully comply with the requirements of the present Convention.


ICLL and its Protocol of are a comprehensive set of regulations to determine the minimum allowable freeboard and defines conditions of load line assignment. Eye plates and lashings shall be provided 0. The Administration may, however, entrust the surveys and marking either to surveyors nominated for the purpose or to organizations recognized by it.

A ship which is designed, constructed and maintained in compliance with the appropriate requirements of an organization, including a classification society, which is recognized by the Administration or with applicable national standards of the Administration in accordance with the provisions of regulationmay be considered to provide an acceptable level of strength.

Article 03 General provisions 1 No ship to which the present Convention applies shall proceed to sea on an international voyage after the date on which the present Convention comes into icll unless it has been surveyed, marked and provided with an International Load Line Certificate or, idll appropriate, an International Load Line Exemption Certificate in accordance with the provisions of the present Convention.

International Convention on Load Lines – Wikipedia

Article 24 Prior Treaties and Conventions Ingangsdatum: The convention pertains specifically to a ship’s load line also referred to as the ” waterline “a marking of the highest point on a ship’s hull that can safely meet the surface of the water; a ship that is loaded to the point where 196 load line is underwater and no longer visible has exceeded its draft and is in danger because its capacity has been exceeded.


The relevant calculations may be based upon the following 9166 assumptions: The location of the reference point icol the identification of the freeboard deck shall in all cases be indicated on the International Load Line Certificate These lines shall be horizontal lines millimetres 9 inches in length and 25 millimetres 1 inch in breadth which extend abaft unless expressly provided otherwise, and are at right angles to, a vertical line 25 millimetres 1 inch in breadth marked at a distance millimetres 21 inches abaft the centre of the ring as illustrated in figure 3.

The difference between the Fresh Water Load Line in summer and cill Summer Load Line is the allowance to be made for loading in fresh water at the other load lines. Issued under the provisions of the International Convention on Load Line s, under the authority of the Government of.

International Convention on Load Lines 1966 (ICLL 1966)

They shall also be permanently marked on the sides 19966 the ships to the satisfaction of the Administration. The height of these coamings may be reduced, or the coamings omitted entirely, on condition that the Administration is satisfied that the safety of the ship is not thereby impaired in any sea conditions.

These limits are given in the form of freeboards, which constitute, besides external weathertight and watertight integrity, the main objective of the Convention. Views Read Edit View history. The marks shall be plainly visible and, if necessary, special arrangements shall be made for this purpose.

Eye plates for these lashings shall be efficiently attached to the sheer strake or to the deck stringer plate at intervals of not more than 3 metres 9.

Permanente iclk Permanente link Article 22 Privileges Ingangsdatum: Upon exposed superstructure decks situated abaft a quarter of the ship’s length from the forward perpendicular and located at least one standard height of superstructure above the freeboard deck.