IACRA 8710-1 PDF

Home · What’s new in IACRA · Frequently Asked Questions · Aircraft Search. Site Feedback. X. Site Feedback. Name IACRA – Login. KeyImage If you have. IACRA, the FAA Form , and Piloting Times. You are going to Commercial Pilot / Instrument rating application by using the IACRA online system found at. To fill in your FAA Form application form for Military Competency to. Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating, you must first register with IACRA. Go.

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Bring a log, or show in your logbook a log of the required ground training required for the certificate or rating sought. Click here to cancel reply.

As a long time CFI, I thoroughly enjoy helping.

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We cannot test if your paperwork is not correct, or if it’s incomplete. Additionally, direct links to FAA and related official government sources of information are welcome. Jacra of that, I wanted to compile some information to help both you and your flight instructor in preparing you for the practical test.

If applicable If you are a graduate of a Part approved training course, ensure that you have your Graduation Certificate. Be ready to start on time….

The simulator was written by Tim Carlson. 87110-1, Helicopter, Glider, etc. It is the responsibility of the Flight Instructor to insure that ALL information is accurate and correct prior to the e-signature. Please ensure that there is a current Airworthiness Directives AD compliance list and that the applicable AD statuses are easy to determine. If you currently 87101- a paper student pilot certificate, that will still be valid but subject to the current 5 year expiration date under which it icara issued.


IACRA information is difficult to change once the application is submitted and your instructor has signed the application. For Part course graduates, ensure that you bring all of your training records with you. I want your check ride experience to be a positive one; however, that does require you to be prepared. This list is not all inclusive and is subject to change. If the test is not on a normal club operating day, it is your responsibility to arrange for a tow pilot and ground crew.

My goal is to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Sign in or Signup. If you flew a solo cross country, you would record that time in both columns. Free Transition Service for users of other eLogs.

One way to ensure they are ready is iaca use the checklist in the front of the P. Once you’re registered, you can fill out iara form for student pilot license application.

Written and maintained by actual pilot examiners and master CFIs. The iPad and other similar devices have revolutionized the way many pilots plan and conduct their flights.

I dont want ptoblem with the FAA and nothin like that? The applicant will be expected jacra ensure and prove that the data on the device is current.

8710-1 Form I did a mistake in the table of the flying hours?

This includes appropriate aircraft and operational endorsements. Where do you want to park, and how are you going to get there? When a flight instructor determines that a student is ready and qualified for his or her pilot license, FAA form is filled out and signed by the instructor. If I have to help you redo your application the day of your checkride, there will be an additional fee added.


This authorizes the student to take the “practical test” with an FAA designated pilot examiner. Pass Your Checkride With Confidence! In addition to the government issued identification previously mentioned, an applicant will be expected to bring along the following items: Although I encourage applicants to meet or speak with me prior to a check ride, the CFI knows best when an applicant is ready for the practical test.

The test is administered using a computer at an FAA designated test site. The use iara an iPad or similar device is jacra on a check ride with some exceptions.

Remember to bring a hood, or other approved view limiting device. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. A DPE may not make any change in your name. Keep in mind that Flight Planning is not complete until the aircraft has reached the parking area.