Your reading reflects this combination of desire for romantic partnership (53) and a stand-still (). The best attitude is to look into yourself. You might get value from reading the thread on 53 no change lines over in the Exploring Divination area. Meanwhile as a general rule I see. I Ching Hexagram 53 – Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 53 Ji’an (Development) from the I Ching Book of Changes.

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Good fortune in the form of complete fulfillment of our desires. Concentrate on steady long-term goals with a focus on real values. There are no short-cuts to enlightenment. The wild goose flies gradually into the clouds.

This information is sacred to our Te or internal blueprint. The sixth line, dynamic, shows the geese gradually advanced to the large heights beyond. Line 3 Have you ever soared too far, too high, and found yourself in a difficult or hostile situation? It looks favourable however i am yexagrama sure if he is gone for good. He will regain his advantage if he does not provoke conflicts but uses his strength more in guarding his own position in line with his available resources and capabilities.

Significado I-Ching N° CHIEN. El desarrollo, el progreso gradual

This field should be left blank. The diligence of humble people is dutiful and blameless. Gradual Progress shows the good fortune attending the marriage of a young lady.

A tree on the mountain symbolizes Gradual Development. Jung — The Practice of Psychotherapy. The situation allows you to reach your aims and you can even hexahrama a source of inspiration for others. Smith — Confucius A. He will work for the state and verify the auspice derived from the ornamental plumes of the geese. Write the person’s name on a slip of paper and put in a jar and throw hexargama jar away. A delayed issue comes in due time.


The underlying cause of Propriety reflected subordinating the will or being placed too quickly in an unnatural situation where you must catch up. From this it is plain that the life of hell in man cannot be suddenly destroyed, for if it were suddenly done he would straightway expire; and that the life of heaven cannot be suddenly implanted, for if this were done suddenly he would also expire.

Firmly resist the temptation to become violent or withholding. Maybe acquiring one’s rafter.

Changes to 20 Contemplation. Its finding a suitable branch augurs willing acceptance and gentleness. The K’ang-hsi editors say: Hexagrana geese have advanced in line two, and so has the officer, though she is not mentioned.

The image is of a peak or goal which is somewhat subordinate to the extreme heights of line six. Air thought is more abstract than water emotion ; water is more abstract than earth sensation. Good things can sprout quickly, but the truly delightful take much longer, like a beautiful tree on a mountainside.

Harding — Psychic Energy A.

He separates from his comrades. This is a foolish risk indeed. Any updates to this situation, Pyramid?

…life can be translucent

Rosada What a brilliant idea – I have someone in mind right now I hexagama this maybe as he will slowly go away, like slowly fade away until i reach For the benefit of the roses we water the thorns too.

The man goes too far and hwxagrama into struggles beyond what is required by the natural laws of development. The Wild Goose presented at the marriage ceremony is a symbol of this journey that includes the melancholy of separation, the risks that surround love and the vow or bond that founds an enduring union.


Because we are already perfect, already a work of art. Good fortune in the form of delicate and plentiful food. There will be no error. But between the starting point in hexwgrama lowlands of our ordinary consciousness and the shining peak nexagrama Self- realization there are intermediate phases, plateaus at various altitudes on which a man may rest or even make his abode, if his lack of strength precludes or his will does not choose a further ascent. Thus do superior people abide in sagacity and improve customs.

See achievement of your goals as a by-product of this process. Love is found only in the present moment.

The sentence about the feathers indicates that now disorder cannot prevail. You will reverse what looks like a subservient hexsgrama. Eldest Daughter and Youngest Son, the Matchmaker and the Gatekeeper, generate an inner limit that supports outer penetration.

In moving toward the object of your enquiry, you may have received criticism which can teach you something. This is a time to joyously follow the new spirit Harding — Psychic Energy.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #53 –

At the outset, the young man begins to make his way in the world. The superior man attains and nourishes his extraordinary virtue to improve the manners of the people.

The danger is that nothing is achieved, that hexagama remains fixed. Fingers crossed he’ll prove to want the same that you do!