Gurps – Psi – Tech – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis. Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis presented the people who wield them, and GURPS Psionic Campaigns showed . For a campaign focusing on this sort of action I would suggest GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psi-Tech, and.

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Use it too much, and you start mutating into something horrific and run the risk of becoming an abomination, one of the altered demons psi-tecy the Buro uses to fight its wars.

There are also some aspects of Esthar that seem to use magical technology, such as Lunatic Pandora a floating construction which technologically amplifies the power of its Crystal Pillar core to summon monsters from the Moon and Tears’ Point a stadium-sized array of techno-magical batteries which is supposed to stop the above event.

Worlds of Psionics

The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc. Later on psi-yech the story you find that these warmachines are powered by siphoning magic from Daemons, and that the Magitek Infantry are actually Cyborgs made from Designer Babies grown in a lab and grafted with daemon parts and machinery.

The Iron Kingdoms has Mechanika, which is mostly technology fueled by Magic. Flying discs, steampunk y mecha-dragons, energy shields — Practically every bit of technology was combined with magic. The Water Tribes, among other things, have largely overwritten the need for traditional medicine.

In a similar vein to the idea behind Fantastic Racismthe game portrays the pros and cons of gurpw advancement through the safely distancing lens of magitek Unsurprisingly they have a connection to the Iron Psi-ttech, who are noted to have an abnormally high number of them. The Garleans themselves were heavily inspire the Ancient Allagan Empire, though they used the term “Aetherochemical” which blends sorcery and science a bit more seamlessly.


Commander Farsight’s battlesuit is modified to be able to wield the Dawn Blade in close combat, but unknown to him the Dawn Blade drains the life of those killed by it and give it to the bearer, and might possibly psi-ech a Daemon Weapon that he simply cannot hear the temptations of.

The Flaw In All Magic: Gurps Psi-Tech love Hrm, no thread gurrps

GURPS Psionic Campaigns

Ratchet describes them as fusions of magic and technology. Especially noticeable within the realm of the live-action films. The plot of “Super Sonic” involves an ancient computerized spellbook that actually traps concentrated evil inside it.

A notable non-magical technology is the “clacks towers”—a continent-wide network of semaphore towers that is often used to parody telephones and the internet. Their Clan Skryre is a blend of dark wizards and mad scientists known as Warplock Pei-tech.

Kanako aimed for revolutionizing the currently obsolete energy sources of the Kappa facilities near the base of her mountain, expecting that this would bring her more followers, and then used Utsuho as a literal thermonuclear power source, who’s excess powers created geysers that would then be used to power the Kappa facilities The series has other examples, such as lunar veils made of zero-mass fabric, antimatter veils, quantum seals, use of phantasmal mushrooms with a miniature of the Hakkero furnace to create lasers or prepare gurpuse of Japanese Kami as a main ingredient to make a wooden rocket travel from the Earth to the moon, and co-protagonist Marisa Kirisame magically summoning a hot spring vein underneath her house to serve as a floor-heating device.

The witch of the story reveals that all of this couldn’t be possible without magical assistance. While Escape Velocity Nova is otherwise a totally by-the-books high-tech space opera setting as are the other two gamesthe Vell-Os are a faction of psychic Hindu mystics whose “spaceships” are revealed to actually be giant telekinetic projections the size of a psi-tec destroyer created and manned by one Vell-Os.

How common should psi be?

Heinlein ‘s novella Magic, Inc. In The Edge Chronicleswhile the ships do not work exactly like aircraft, they are close enough to be comparable, and powered by a flying rock. Avalon Tech Enterprises invents machines and magical items that uses Mana as its energy source to operate. The Forgotten Realms has magitek, mostly in magocracies and elven cities: They also eventually create waterbending-propelled submarines.


Gene-engineered Stealth Dragons with vampire genes, no less? It also has advanced construction with the largest and most psi-tecn cities in the world and possibly agriculture which could explain how Ba Sing Se is able to maintain vast tracts of farmland from within its city walleventually developing earthbending-powered tanks as well.

Old “robots” turned out to be very fancyful, mechanically sound golems. Final Fantasy Explorers features a kingdom exploring an island to collect crystals to power its Magitek, which is utilized in some attacks particularly from the Machinst class and the construction of “mechanoid” enemies.

Wildspace was intended to be more magic-rich than most groundling settings, so there’s much more to it than engines. In RWBYall advanced technology is powered by Dust, a magical substance, whose properties vary depending on the type of Dust. Worlds Collideboth Dr. Oddly, Free Kingdomer’s inexpert imitations of Hushlander technology often work better than both genuine Hushlander tech and actual Free Kingdom tech.

How should skills relate to powers? However, despite its preponderance, the Court at large apparently frowns on Magitek as cheating.

They’re still limited to normal total capacity, but gives more choice if different wizards contribute different spells and flexibility instead of a fixed Utility Belt they get what they need right now. But a closer reading shows that most Aldis cities have the equivalent of 20th century infrastructure because of shas crystals, and the same crystals can be used to create effective guns.

The difference is mainly cosmetic. In the MarionettesTwilight mentions Mana Engines charged by unicorn magic.

In Fantastic FourMr.