Instruction book by Gonzalo Bergara with Audio CD. 13 pages. Includes transcriptions of Gonzalo’s solos for: Djangology Blues Claire Lady Be Good Sweet. How I Learned Vol Gypsy Jazz Instruction Book CD with Audio and Video” > Gonzalo lays out solos to six standard GJ tunes with detailed. Hello All, I am new to the Gypsys Jazz World (Been playing guitar since i was 12).

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Gonzalo lays out solos to six standard GJ tunes with detailed measure by measure explanations that are very helpful – even for advanced players. Your Gonzwlo Cart Your shopping cart is currently empty.

That was the reason why I didn’t buy the Nolan books. Over in the West Country. Sign in to chat! Make an account of the case of Jazz and Blues in Argentina. You learn the etude and then start picking it apart to see why phrases work. You practice what you’ll eventually play in your own improvisations – no dry exercises.

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You can play the best idea, if it sounds bad, means nothing to me. I would like to llearned these but I do not know what to expect. Or just look below. It’s extremely beneficial work for developing technique. The song list is above and the concept of this series should be pretty familiar at this point: Can anyone help me?

This second volume is meant as a continuation of the series and Gonzalo writes in the intro that you don’t really need to be familiar with the first volume to work with the second volume.


These books are good for a beginner, but great for the person somewhat familiar with arpeggios looking for hip and modern ways to connect them.

By the way, How I Learned is out of print, so hopefully, Gonzalo won’t mind if somebody can help me out. What do you miss most nowadays from the music bergar past?

While this seems like a homebrew solution to learning the GJ, it is a welcome addition for us beginners who really don’t know how to even think about the music. Login to enhance your online experience. If you are ever planning on visiting the beautiful Niagara area, feel free to PM me and perhaps we can get together and do some jamming.

It’s an incredible value. It’s not complete improv, true, but this approach teaches you how to learn the neck very well so you can begin to play around.

January in Classifieds. And if you don’t, you’ll get familiar with them by practicing the etudes and transposing them.

WTB “How I Learned” by Gonzalo Bergara Vol. 1 and/or Vol. 2 – DjangoBooks Forum

Recently Viewed Items Gonzalo Bergara: I know they are just eighth notes, but I’m occasionally musically challenged The nice thing about Quicktime video files is you can play them in Transcribe and slow them down while retaining pitch. At least, that’s my interpretation of it. I’m getting volume 2 once I’m done with this. How I Learned Vol.

Music of course is my favorite art form, but its magical powers have been recognized all throughout history. If anybody has a worn, used copy and would like to sell it, please PM me. While I would not recommend it for an absolute beginner, it is well worth the price.

The “homemade” look of this book with handwritten tabs and even occasional spelling errors takes nothing away from its wealth of content – this is one meaty offering!



To alot of you out there you might be saying “Duh”. This breaks leagned six common songs and song forms that one might encounter in GJ and tackles each with a written solo for each song that tackles some of more challenging parts. Gonzalo Bergara – official website. FYI, Jon, I think the intent on those books is to show you how you can create your own ‘etudes’ based on the chord changes of a particular song.

They are very well thought out, and the musical ideas hlw be put to use immediaetly.

Home Guitars Gypsy Jazz Guitars: Are they mp3s on the cd or would I have to somehow convert them I’m not super computer savvy? All eighth notes will be just fine for now, I just need some help putting arpeggios together. All my fellow peers seemed to think, if it ain’t Rock n Roll it’s shit.

I came to learn later in life that the music road is hard, and quitting sometimes looks like the easy way out. Welcome to our Community! Related Discussions Gonzalo Bergara: You want to talk all meat and no filler? How do you describe Gonzalo Bergara sound and songbook? Login to enhance your online experience. One hhow the best Dupont Busatos we’ve ever had