17 items The tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire highlighted the deep issues faced by social housing in the UK and sparked an outcry of discussion. In particular. 12 Oct Guidance Note 3 Inspection & Testing 17th I EE Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition BS Requirements for Electrical. 8 Nov Hi I am newbie at the Testing and Inspection of Electrical systems. I have bought lots of books including: OSG, IEE, GN3, and Testing of.

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Any and all such liabi ity is disclaimed. Installation check lists Wiring accessories Reference should also be made to the recommendations contained in Lnspection Document M with regard to the heights at which socket-outlets, swtches and other controls should be installed. Prefe’ably determined oy enquiry of the distributor.

Insspection Landlord is responsible for confirming the competency of any contractors carrying out such work. This will also be the case where the protective measure of electrical separation is used to supply more than one item of current-using equipment.

Neither BS nor the Guidance Notes are design guides.

gn3 inspection and testing

For example if you measure an end to end R1 then measure the Rn as well to confirm that the 2 results are substantially the same. Ra is the sum of the resistances of the earth electrode and the protective conductor s connecting it to the exposed-conductive-part I An is the rated residual operating current. It is the inspector’s duty to ensure his or her own safety, and that of others, in the performance of the test procedures.

I need some help in deciding which books to buy. Part 2 Installation details 2 The m e t h o d of fault protection must be clearly identified, e. The manual should also include manufacturers’ technical data for all items of switchgear, luminaires, accessories, etc.


Where designers are responsible for identifiably separate parts of an installation, the use of separate forms would be appropriate. A SELV supply, not exceeding 50 V, in series with a suitable lamp is connected between the test finger and the live parts inside the enclosure.

No, create an account now. Hz kA Rated current A d. The persons or organisations whc may be concerned in the preparation of the specification include: If the results obta ned are significantly different, the above procedure should be repeated w i t h test electrode T1 placed further from the electrode under test.

If you spot the mistake and self correct, that’s great as it shows a critical approach to your testing. General applicable to each type of accessory 1 Complies with BSBS or other appropriate standard Section 2 Box or other enclosure securely fixed Bare live parts are only permitted in an area accessible to skilled persons, and the dimensions of passageways should be checked against the guidance n Appendix 3 of the Memorandum of Guidance on the Electricity at Nork Regulations HSR25 issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

This form is intended for such work as the addition of a socket-outlet or lighting point to an existing circuit, or for repair or modification.

GN3 Inspection & Testing Smaller

Installations in potentially explosive atmospheres are outside the scope of BS A ‘Periodic Inspection Report’ should be issued for such a oeriodic inspection. It it is intended to supply m o r e than one item ot equipment using electrical separation, it will be necessary to meet the requirements of Section Published on Oct View Download 7.

All of the Guidance Notes contain references testign other relevant sources cf information.


The impedance reading taken is treated as the electrode resistance. Wnen an adcition to an electrical installation does not extend to the installation of a new circuit, the minor works form may be used. The extent of liability of the signatory is limited to the work described above as the subject of this Certificate.

This will work for all but lighting circuits that use the ‘loop-in’ system where the R1 at the ceiling rose will be higher than the Rn which in all cases will be shorter.

Placing out of reach Placing out of reach also provides basic protection. Interestingly after he had taken the full allotted time for this assessment he announced that for his and assessments he would be testnig the R2 method!

I he Health and Safety at Work etc. To exclude the resistance of the test leads f ‘ o hesting tne resistance reading, individual testimg should be taken from these terminals and connected separately to the electrode. It is essential to prepare a full specification prior to commencement or alteration of an electrical installation. The IET GN3 gives both methods as valid continuity tests and only favours the Method 1 because in a real-life scenario a wander lead could be inconvenient or worse a trip hazard.

You may need to study it a bit more because you are new to the game, and also try get some practical experience with someone who can show you the way.