Pathfinder Module: Fangwood Keep [Alex Greenshields, Paizo Staff] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Claim the Castle! Fangwood Keep. 28 Aug When her attempt failed, years of neglect left the above-ground portions of the keep in ruins. When Molthune built Fangwood Keep in AR. Fangwood Keep has traded hands countless times in the persistent struggle between Nirmathas and. Molthune. Ten years ago-the last time Molthune held.

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Review of Fangwood Keep (Pathfinder adventure)

John Chronakis rated it liked it Nov 15, However, he does not know all the information and Vos is under her charms, so he will be very protective whenever she is concerned. The keep was abandoned by kesp sides and largely reclaimed by nature.

Todd Carlson added it Jun 20, Bill rated it really liked it May 03, The Sagas of Golarion at http: What Ho, Frog Demons.

Kurt Cason marked it as to-read Aug 23, Skip to main content. The original construction on the site of Fangwood Keep was an elven fortress named Telaraduil, built sometime prior to the Age of Darkness more than 10, years ago by the elven transmuter Tessarael as a network for aiudara gates.

The Chronicles of Future Earth. Sep 05, Martin St-laurent rated it liked it.

Review of Fangwood Keep (Pathfinder adventure) – Merric’s Musings

Darryl Champagne marked it as to-read May 02, Both of the commanders hiring the PCs have intimate knowledge of Fangwood Keep, so it makes sense to provide that information to the characters as they are asked to infiltrate the keep. The characters will face many hobgoblin soldiers before they fangwoo Pavo Vos and depending upon their approach may be able to learn that Elessia, a cleric, is behind his defection and the massacre of his soldiers.

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Recently, however, the battle Fangwood Keep has changed hands innumerable times since its founding decades ago on the border between the warring nations of Molthune and Nirmathas. Overall, Fangwood Keep is a very good adventure. Fangwood Keep at http: The two countries have been in a state of hostility, if not all-out war, for a long time, ever since Nirmathas broke off from its parent country, Molthune. Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook.

This volume also contains a gazetteer of fangwokd Marideth River valley and a brand-new monster from the bizarre realm of the fey, both of which can easily be integrated into any campaign setting. To ask other readers questions about Pathfinder Moduleplease sign up. The second part of the adventure offers a greater variety of foes, but still feel like just a series encounters designed to drain resources until the group reaches the final opponent.

Daniel Fields added it May 02, The fort is located in the Marideth valley on the border between Nirmathas and Molthune.

After a reasonable amount of resistance, the PCs can get to their destination and face of with Elessia, who is the primary villain of the adventure. This is a fairly minor criticism, however.

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The border between Molthune and Nirmathas is a volatile area of Golarion. Figuring out what is going on and what happened is the first part of the fangwoo.

This allows them to encounter some very unusual situations and face some interesting challenges. However, otherwise the adventure is quite strong.

This is because the keep comes across as a lived-in place. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts fangwoood email. Fangwood Keep has changed hands innumerable times since its founding decades ago on the border between the warring nations of Molthune and Nirmathas. Although the Book of Infinite Spells is drained of most of its power, it remains a very potent artifact that the characters can keep.


Following Nirmathas’ secession from Molthune in AR, Fangwood Keep became a hotly contested fortification on the ever-fluctuating Nirmathas-Molthune border.

Rohde added it May 07, In the adventure, the PCs must retake a border fort the titular Fangwood Keep from a rogue Molthuni force that has taken it without orders to do so. The keep became a popular hideout for bandits and other itinerant criminals for years to come. Yet its small-scale simplicity allows for a fun and engaging adventure, one that will be memorable for all involved.

Sure some might say it is “boring” or “generic”, but this is actually the style of game I prefer, and it is in my opinion quite hard to write an adventure that has “everything” it needs and is still logical and playable.

In the second part of the adventure, the characters must explore the ruins of the elven wizard’s dungeon to stop Elessia and find the artifact.

It’s not the high ground, but it could have been worse | Fangwood Keep | RPGGeek

Tad Kilgore marked it as to-read Sep 01, Paperback32 pages. It has exactly the number of rooms it needs to function believably except lavatories, but those are bizarrely absent from a lot of adventure locationswithout any extra that seem to be there just to put in more monsters.

While the adventure itself does not have any political impact fangwopd the campaign setting it does provide a nice change of pace in any campaign with its focus on infiltration in the first part.