Author of Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge originator of facial exercises, has devoted almost 30 years to develop facial exercises, introduced by. Results 1 – 30 of 52 Face lifting by exercise by Runge, Senta Maria and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Senta Maria Runge’s book Face Lifting By Exercise is available online for free.

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Most of the exercises – if done correctly – produce instantaneous results, especially in areas where the muscles are attached to the skin as on the forehead, underneath the eyes, and in the crow’s feet area. This takes concentration and practice. While working on the upper eyelids, you may frown for this part by lifting up your brows, in order to tighten the muscle skin of the upper eyelid. Just stumbled onto it and I am thrilled I did.

The mouth corners should give you the feeling that they are slightly turned up. How many youngsters etch their crow’s feet while skiing on snow or water, or while otherwise playing out-of-doors?

From the time the elastic fibers wear out, the fabric loses its shape. Whereas after a surgical face lift you still look at the same weather-worn and marked skin – except now, it’s a tighter one – the process of deep peeling a skin gives one a new and, therefore, a clean and tight looking skin.

Take only as many steps as you can easily do, which depends on your concentration power. That was because the exercise was performed better on one side than on the other.

Face Lifting By Exercise, 12th Edition: Senta Maria Runge: : Books

I, personally, have never known of an instance where a rejuvenation of a woman’s face through beauty surgery, brought reunification of a broken marriage. We are the way we appear to ourselves. It is understandable that the results will not last forever, and that one has to persistently exercise in this manner 5 days a week until the muscle has enough tone to completely hold its acquired condition. It is the same with the skin. On our body we call it “figure”, on our face we call it “contour”, and it is this particular YOU, that has the power to express what is termed “sex appeal” and, therefore, contributes the major part to our individual physical beauty appearance.


If you experience your skin becoming rough or peeling in areas of the resistance, most likely the resistance was too tightly held, or the cloth you have used is too rough. Since it is your mind that has to move those muscles, it is necessary that your mind first gains knowledge of their location.

If it does not quiver, check for tension and relax it. Once a day 5 to 6 times in succession. And if your contour 22 can afford to eliminate 20 years from its appearance, this book can teach you how you may achieve this. As often as you wish until you have control over the muscles.

Consequently, it stands to reason that a thin face receives more benefit from a lift than a fat face. Perhaps this answers the frequently asked question from drivers, as to why their left side of the face is drier and more wrinkled than the right side.

Get fast, free shipping liftig Amazon Prime. Depending on the size and weight of a face, the upper cheek muscles, for instance, by the age of 50, may have elongated as much as half an inch, and by the age of 60 or 70, as much as one inch; indicating that we have one inch too much hanging over the lower part of the face.

The idea kifting the process comes from the desire to shed the skin like a snake, letting the fresh new skin underneath take its place. By comparing pictures taken over the years, you can see how the contour of the face has changed.

In this position and while keeping shoulders straight and immobile jut chin straight forward, then pull chin up until head rests in back. Pushing and pulling the skin with the hands facd the skin. Place point of thumb inside mouth directly under laugh line at the point of action of muscle section No. To take all the credit for ssnta accomplishments would be selfish and unfair, for there are others that have contributed their building blocks.

Consciously return muscles involved to starting position. Those muscular movements leave creases in the skin. As long as an individual brain cannot be substituted by a machine, there cannot be a substitute for voluntary isometric exercises. Consciously return lip gradually to starting position. First, everyone knows women or men who, despite being around their seventieth year, have beautiful, wrinkle-free, tight- looking “baby skin.


In case you are not sure whether or not you see results, disqualify the exercise, and be assured that you will notice results if you deserve them! When you study the muscle face on page 82 you will notice a jowl is an elongation of the upper cheek muscles which have lost the strength of holding themselves firm and up.

Now return your smile lines controlled while you count. The muscle face on page 82 will reveal to you that the pouches beside the chin are an accumulation of elongated upper cheek muscles, in particular the Zygomaticus. Do not scowl during the muscle move- ments — move muscles straight down.

Senta Maria Runge Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘Face Lifting By Exercise’

The expression muscles which are partially or fully attached to the skin, are subject to our conscious or subconscious actions of expression. Do not release the resistance until the muscles sena returned completely to their starting position. Expanding designated mus- cles freely without tension or help by surrounding muscles – liftting resistance.

Hold the skin tight in this posi- tion against the underlying bone. I suggest for your first exercise, No. Unfortunately, this method – although outdated since the discovery of cleansing cream – is commonly practiced on dry skins, which is like quenching fire with fuel.

It lives by the biological process of constantly building, shaping and changing, from the beginning to the end of our physical life. Check with mirror to see that teeth, lip corner and squint have not slipped.

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Cleanse, nourish and protect your skin with “proper” cosmetics. So, if we had planned not to cover an already started exercise in the next program, the models and the audience were told to do ‘those’ by themselves. The purpose of the preliminary practice is: