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Elemente de psihoterapie integrativă

The reason why we consider theoptimization of interpersonal relationships to be important in the self-development of future therapists is the necessity to gain abilities in order to buildfuncitonal relationships, so that they would create the premises of therapeuticefficacy due to therapeutic alliance. Starting from thisassumption, I invite you to join me in the therapeutic journey of a couple that haschosen to deal with the challenges of life and develop new ways to relate.

Gender determined differencies in integratiav defence mechanisms: By highlighting the positive traits of each of the partners, the level ofcriticism and exaggerated expectations has been diminished and therefore hasbeen developed the attitude of empathy and acceptance towards the partner, as acomplex being, with positive traits psihotegapie desirable features.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Interpersonal expectations can be of a significant importance,expectations about how others will react to the self and the way in which the selfis going to respond to these reactions. Because the majority of the included studies wereperformed in USA the presence of the program A.

Each behavioral prescription isconceptualized in terms of relevance, motivation, efficacy, applicability andcomprehension. Those that support asserivity consider that this type of behavior is moreadaptive than the submissive one, in tense interpersonal relationships, while theaggressive behavior tends to promote guilt, lack of harmony and indifference.

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Charmya Charmya added it Jan 14, Individually, each client answered to the following questions: Conclusions of studies of evaluation can be summarized as below: In order to gain thesecompetencies, the first step is to go through your own process of analysis andreconstructing the pattern of function in relationships and the existent relationalmodel.

Therapy includes the work of bothpartners that are in a therapeutic relationship with a specialist psychotherapist licensed in this sense. A series of 8 interventions of psychosocial type, psychotherapeuticalintegrative and 4 psycho-pharmacological interventions were identified aspresenting the highest level of effectiveness.

Way to defend the individual, activated by external or internal threats, consisting in a return variable in terms of organization and time period to prior stages such as: For comparative analysis, data allow the following findings: You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Defensive way of managing the dangers perceived by the self psihoterape the individual, through which the representation of the object perceived as dangerous is introjected, later becoming a part of over-self specific and considered normal in latency, but in adult pathological when the subject introjects the features of the lost object — the loved and lost person – features hated by the subject, that hatred can turn against the subject, causing depressive reactions.

For PA Over-controlling behavior and FG Social anxiety andwithdrawal scales, scores have improved for some subjects without obtainingstatistically significant differences overall.

Elemente de psihoterapie integrativă – Ion Dafinoiu – Google Books

Their incidence during marriageand also the way he valorized himself considering his female partners. Therepeated association for a few consecutive days of these substances together withdrinking would create a true conditioned reflex, whose fixation is done withconsistency, for consolidation of healing. She grew up in an environment inwhich everything was normal unless problems existed and any problemdetermined an exaggerated reaction and panic in the family.

Exposure to activating stimuli This intervention is based on conditioning theories, in this case classicalconditioning. Initial assessment Effectuated at the beginning of self-development.


Two questions are determined for developing this type of intervention: After setting the objectives, the working framework has been analyzed,therefore establishing a session per week, for 90 minutes.

Non-assertive pr submissive conduct implies disdaining own rights andexaggerated obedience towards the needs and desires of others.

Jacobson proposed a substance, disulfiram, produced underdifferent names antabus, esperalcurrently used in all countries. She is the thirdchild of a family of farmers, with three daughters and a boy. Formost people, assertivity varies from one situation to another.

In aninterpersonal relationship, assertivity can determine the gain of personal trust, andalso establishing links characterized by satisfactory interdependence betweenpartners. Trust towards the partner psihoterspie been encouraged by involving the clients inseveral exercises for building trust: We have consideredthese aspects important, considering not only the setting and goal of self-development, but also the categories of subjects included in the psihogerapie, with theirpsychological features and especially the goal for which the process itself isinstituted.

In our case, this goal has been one of an evaluative nature and through itwe could note the efficacy of the integrative psychotherapeutic strategy used inself-development.

elemente de psihoterapie integrativa dafinoiu pdf to excel

Actually, our perceptions and actions are guided towards contents of thedistal environment and we try to make a sense for the multitude of proximalstimuli, by organizing them in accordance with the distal invariants and theirproperties.

She has an overall negative opinion about herself and she does not considerherself an intelligent and successful woman, and this is a fact that she tries tocompensate with her physical aspect. Training in social abilities Under this name we include therapeutic interventions of cognitive-behavioral origin anchored in the theories of social learning and operatedconditioning.

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