User Guide EFT Wireless Series INGENICO avenue Charles de Gaulle Power travel adapter (When no base) Or EFT terminal unit equipped with a paper roll Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva Manuel d installation Installation manual Part. EFT Mobile GPRS Terminal Quick Reference Guide 0 Send Mobile GPRS .. Linksys Gateway SPASU Manual Manuel de l’utilisateur Table of . Inserte la tarjeta en el lector del chip y no la retire hasta que se haya completado la transacción o se lo indique el terminal. Si hay problemas de lectura del chip.

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Important Safety Instructions 3 3. Different passwords protect different terminal efh930s and it is best to change these from the factory mabuel to protect against potential fraudulent usage of the terminal. The guidelines are based on standards that were developed by independent scientific organizations through periodic and thorough evaluation of scientific studies. If any aspect of the PED is different from that which was tested by the laboratory even if the PED conforms to the basic product description contained in the letter – the PED model should not be considered approved, nor promoted as approved.

Ingenico EFT930G Manuel D’Utilisation

M31 Trace For Telium? Your bank will advise on the period necessary for retention of receipts. If your terminal cannot read the Chip you may be given the option to swipe the card s magnetic stripe. You must dispose used or faulty batteries using either your local battery disposal facility in accordance with local laws, or by return to Spire Payments.


Step 2 If a battery module ef9t30s already fitted, place eft903s thumb nail into the recess at the base and pull upwards. Incorrect installation may cause communication problems.

Ingenico Group – Smart Terminals – User Guides

Do not expose to fire or incinerate. Icons Index The following is an index to the icons shown in the status bar: The terminal will automatically scroll through several screens of mnuel until the Welcome screen is displayed. Troubleshooting The terminal does not turn on or does not connect to the telephone line Check manule power supply and telephone line cables Check for electrical power network The terminal fails to establish a telephone connection Check that the tone of the phone line is free Check the configuration of the mannuel line and number to call Get technical support Cards are not read Check that the magnetic card is swiped correctly with magnetic band to directed the terminal.

It is not intended nor approved More information.

Ingenico eft930 Service Manual

Features Cycle number of charge and discharge Use temperature The order of optimal conditions of terminal use is 3 years. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, More information.

For complete warranty details and a list of our worldwide offices, More information. It’s possible that more than 1 app will need to be signed. Important Safety Instructions 3 3.

Unknown 3 August at When using the terminal in explosive atmospheres, ATEX holster shall be used. Rouzbeh 30 November at Approval does not, under mahuel circumstances, include or imply any product warranties from PCI SSC, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose or non-infringement, all of which are expressly disclaimed by PCI SSC.


The Spire Payments logo should be facing upwards. This will be displayed for a further 3 minutes, after which the display will go blank SPw60 and SPw All trademarks used in this document remain the property of their rightful owners.

The tests are performed in positions and locations e. Using the Terminal 8 7.

Using the Terminal 8 6. Introduction This guide will detail how you install and use your EFT terminal, including Safety Instructions and instructions on Hi, Someone have files. To avoid the potential hazard of electrical shock do not use in wet environments or during msnuel electrical storm.

I am in a rush to find the right developer. Eft9930s 1 April at Turn the terminal and unclip the top cover flap by pushing on the clips with your nails as shown with the arrows on the picture SAM1 and SAM2 are indentified by the engraved marks on the lower housing When introducing a SAM in its slot, be sure to put msnuel cut corner as indicated on the picture Close the cover flap TIP Use a piece of adhesive tape to grip the SAM for easier and faster removal.