Chojna-Duch, E. (). Prawo finansowe. Finanse publiczne. Warszawa: Zasady polskiego prawa dochodów samorządu terytorialnego. E. Chojna-Duch, H. Litwińczuk, “Prawo finansowe”. W. Misiąg, E. Malinowska- Misiąg, “Finanse publiczne w Polsce”. S. Owsiak, “Finanse publiczne”. Learning. e-mail: [email protected] Wojciech .. system that de nes their income sources (Patrzałek, ; Chojna-Duch, ), the limits of. their nancial .. Finanse publiczne. Warszawa: Zasady polskiego prawa dochodów samorządu terytorialnego. Prawo finansowe. Finanse.

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The paper suggests changes in current regulations and proposes alternative approach to the assessment of the financial position of local government units.

Finanse publiczne. System dochodów budżetowych – Uniwersytet Warszawski – USOSweb

User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. The study covered all communes gminas in Poland 2, Further use of the site signifies your agreement to their use.

Public finance — in private sector, money serves to its owners to cover the costs of manufacturing and consumption processes, while in the public sector money, upon changing its ownership from private to public, is used to finance public goods and to fulfil social functions. This book addresses cross-cutting aspects of sport that engage important foundational questions. The contributions from 35 renowned tax experts in this volume show how the practical problems in European and international tax law are of constantly growing significance in a globalizing world.

The reader will have the opportunity to understand the tax related issues involved in the organization of a multinational event such as a football championship and a music festival.

Vol 20 No 4 Fiscal policy — it has a direct impact on generating a greater part of GDP and creates a real potential for increasing citizen welfare. This book considers how tax authorities in the two countries have tackled these forms of tax avoidance by conferring quasi-employment status on individuals who would be regarded as employees had it not been for these intermediaries.

The boundaries referred to in the title are thus not the typical, geospatial boundaries that define our world but the limits and possibilities that are attached to and derive from sport. Vol 26 No 4 Schulthess, This book uses the knowledge of a number of tax specialists of various domestic tax laws. This book presents a unique and detailed insight into the taxation of entertainers and sportspersons in an international context and is therefore an essential reference source for international tax students, practitioners and academics.


The tax aspects of bilateral investment treaties, which, in most cases, provide the investor with the unique opportunity to directly initiate an international dispute settlement process — also known as investor-state dispute settlement — are often overlooked. Taxation of Entertainers and Sportspersons Performing Abroad, comprising the proceedings and working documents of an annual seminar held in Milan in Novemberis a detailed and comprehensive study on the taxation of highly mobile individuals engaged in the artistic and sports sectors.

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2. Who benefits from sport? Ustawa z dnia 8 listopada r. What boundaries determine fan and participant? Data is voluntary, but necessary to process the query. Sign in to annotate. Past, Present and Future L. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. GTTC gives a complete picture of the realities of everyday international tax treaty practice and also includes recent instruments such as tax information exchange agreements TIEAs.

Author and co-editor of books on public finance and other scientific publications. By completing this form you agree to the processing of your personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, solely for the purpose of responding to your inquiries.

Publikacje – Książki – Karolina Tetłak

IBFD,This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between taxation and bilateral investment treaties. Voivodeship capitals were subjected to separate analyses because of the specific central character of their public functions.

In the years —, there was a six-fold increase in the number of LGUs which were obliged e.chojnaa-duch implement these plans. Portuguese, English and Spanish; with full texts in English and Portuguese. This offers considerable tax concessions in comparison with employment. Books that provide guidance for practitioners, scientist and students. Inspirationen finansowe.finsnse Sportrechts Klaus Vieweg ed. The issue of tax avoidance by multinationals has become one of the main topics in international politics and taxation, as can be seen when contemplating the current efforts on base erosion and profit shifting and the international advance on a thorough exchange of information.

As theory and practice do not always coincide, this publication covers not only the model conventions, but also the most important variations as well as the diverging national tax treaty policies. The Economics of Commercial Property Markets. Inter-Disciplinary Press, This book addresses cross-cutting aspects of sport that engage important foundational questions.


Palgrave Macmillan The edited volume explains why sport mega events can be discussed from the viewpoint of politics pbuliczne power, and what this praso can add to the existing scholarship on political regimes, international norms, national identities, and cultural narratives. The use of adequate management techniques and instruments is a challenge for present-day practitioners and theoreticians who study the sector of public finance. In addition to the national aspects, the book also outlines global trends and best practices, and in doing so it aims to analyse the consistency of existing policies with the international obligations undertaken in bilateral investment treaties.

The metropolis governs the world. Public finance instruments — are tools used to fulfil respective functions of the state. Tax academics and tax practitioners, along with investment law academics and publicznr, provided their input. Ustawa z 27 sierpnia r. This book uses the knowledge of a number of tax specialists of various domestic tax fjnansowe.finanse.

It begins with a comparative analysis of the domestic tax regime of such individuals and then examines the influence of EU law on national law, with a particular emphasis on the jurisprudence of the Court e.chojnna-duch Justice of the European Union.

Abstract The implementation of corrective action plans in local government units LGUs takes place in the situation when they are unable to draw up a Multiannual Financial Forecast or the budget publiczbe with the principles set out in Article of the Public Finance Act UFP.

Corrective Action Plans for Local Governments as Their Financial Health Barometers?

With the continuously increasing importance of tax treaties, Tax E.chojna-ducj Case Law around the Globe is a valuable reference tool for anyone interested in tax treaty case law. By weaving all these aspects together, in combination with seamless links to the IBFD Tax Research Platform, IBFD offers tax practitioners — from the advisory publlczne corporate sector, government and the judiciary, treaty negotiation and academic departments — a rich tapestry of information unmatched by any existing product.

Ewa Lotko, Urszula K. The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between taxation and bilateral investment treaties.