VASANT DESAI . Entrepreneurs who are dynamic . Entrepreneurial development and management has come to be recognised globally as the key to rapid. Late Shri Bhujang Ranganath Mutalik – Desai Entrepreneurial development and management has come to be . VASANT DESAI .. Then, be sure to exploit the interdependent dynamics of the initiatives to keep the. Dr. Vasant Desai Yayati Nayak Small Scale Industries and entrepreneurial Development The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development and Management.

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Himalya Publishers Houre, Bombay 2. Unit2 Buyer behavior— influencing factors, buying decision process, market segmentation —basic of segmentation, targeting and positioningproduct life cycle, marketing information system. Index Number, Meaning, types, and uses; Methods of constructing price and quantity indices simple and aggregate ; Tests of adequacy; Chain-base index numbers; Base shifting, splicing, and deflating; Problems in constructing index numbers; Consumer price index.

Design and control of Production System: Business Accounting BBA advertisement.


UNIT- II Organization of material purchase, purchase procedure ,storage of material-classification and codification ,issue of material, pricing of material, inventory control deaai of inventory control, dntrepreneurial houses, accounting treatment of waste, scrapedefectives and spoilage, UNIT- III Labour cost, labour cost control procedure, methods of wage payment, classification of overhead, methods of absorption of overhead, UNIT- IV Simple unit costing, tender price determination ,operating cost, transport costing, hotel costing, practical problems, process costing UNIT- V Process cost account,-normal and abnormal wastage ,apportionment of joint expenses ,contract costing, work in process account ,incomplete contracts, reconciliation of cost and financial accounts, practical problems.


Private, Placement bought out deals. Role of Management accountant in decision making. Unit4 Product promotion-Adverting, personal selling and sales promotion. Human Resource Development Unit I: UNIT -IV Service tax- devwlopment and principles, charge on service tax, taxable service and valuation, payment of service tax and filing of returns, UNIT -V Value added tax- meaning cascading effect bu tax, advantages and disadvantages, variation of VAT, input tax credit, methods of computation.

Analysis of Time Series, Causes of variations in time series data; Components of a time series; Decomposition — Additive and multiplicative models; Determination of trends — Moving averages method and method of least squares including linear, second degree. Overview of web page technology – concept of web page, home page, web site, static and dynamic web page.

Functions of stock exchanges. Building an energy-efficient India: Unit — V Valuation of securities: Management reporting, qualities of report, reporting deveopment top management.

Vasant Desai (Author of The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development and Management)

Integrated Material Management Functions. Product Design, Modular design and standardization, definition, generation of new product opportunities, Product life cycle. Traditional Vs Modern Approach of Research. Now printed in India for delivery at daybreak.

Himalaya Publishing House

Cost Accounting UNIT-I Nature and scope of cost accounting ,features, difference between cost and financial accounting, objectives, advantages and limitations of cost accounting vasana, difficulties in installing a costing system. Pure Vs Applied Research. Functions of primary market. Introducing; Savings and investment schemes like share, units, capitals, markets, mutual funds etc.

Small Business Management Unit I: Dividend Theories, Other effecting dividend policies, Dynamisc of shares. Membership Application Form – Institution of permanent way. Material management as profit as profit centre.


Traditional unit linked policies; Individual and group policies; with- prayojit policies; Different types of insurance products-whole life products, interest sensitive products, terms assurance annuities; Endowment; Assurance, options and guarantee. Social science research in society. Perspective labor Force in India: Unit- III Business budget: Unit 3 Product placing and development — product mix product classification, product pricing – Techniques of pacing.

Language a Hindi or b English Objectives; Organization; functions and working; Monetary policy; credit control measures and their effectiveness. Advantage and Disadvantages of Standard Costing.

Vasant Desai Books

Structure and organization of banks. Unit — V Working Capital Management: UNIT-III Data collection — primary and secondary data, methods of data collection- questionnaireconstructions and administration interviewing methods, mail survey, observational methods.

Types- Systematic- market risk, interest rate risk, purchasing power risk.

UNIT- V Distribution management- Meaning, nature, objectives and constraint, channel management, channel design, channel conflict and its resolution. Analysis of Univariate Data, Construction of a frequency distribution; Concept of central tendency and dispersion — and their measures; Partition values; Moments; Skew ness and measures; Kurtosis and measures. Cash Management, What is a Float?

Unit-III Production – Basic concept, production defined, production management function, objective of production management, scope of production management, decision making in production management, production organization.

General guidelines of research aid agencies for preparation of research proposals.