Book summary of the Voluntary Simplicity book by Duane Elgin, simple living tips, choosing voluntary simplicity, the history of simplicity, and. by. Duane Elgin. · Rating details · 1, ratings · reviews. When Voluntary Simplicity was first published in , it quickly became recognized as a. Duane Elgin (born ) is an American author, speaker, educator, consultant, and media . Elgin, Duane, Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich, (published in three editions, , , ), .

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As the push of environmental stress combines with the pull toward more meaningful ways of living, Duane Elgin’s extensively revised and updated book is more relevant than ever.

Rumi Search by keyword: And the thing is, once you realize how much you can live without, it feels really good and you want to cut down even more. There are many ideas that approach the practical, but I personally was unable to fully connect with them.

I think the quieter, content mind make sensor organs more sensitive, body start prefer natural state of all things. With conscious simplicity, we can seek lives that are rich with experiences, satisfaction, and learning rather than packed with things. To the extent that we do not notice both inner and outer aspects of our passage through life, dkane our capacity for voluntary, deliberate, and purposeful action is commensurately diminished. I would have each one be very careful to find out and pursue his own way.

Gossip is a morale killer. Toxic wastes are being poured into the environment and pollution- induced outbreaks of cancer and genetic damage may reach massive proportions. Mar 18, Tyler rated it it was ok. Most people looking elgni books about Voluntary Simplicity have put at least a little bit of thought into why they are interested in the concept, and are ready to move on to something a bit more concrete than a bit of spiritual ‘waffle’ about how Voluntary Simplicity is good for the soul and good for the planet.

During the s, he co-founded two non-profit non-partisan organizations concerned with volunttary accountability and citizen empowerment.

Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich by Duane Elgin

The first third of the book is just rehashing Synopsis: Parts of this book were really interesting and informative – elgln incredibly relevant today, even though it was originally written in Rather it is a why-to, and a very ‘new-agey’ type of eelgin at that. This is the one that made it possible for me to go to sleep last night once I closed the book.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Jan 14, Anna Hanson rated it really liked it. It seems like the final point is to scare the reader into living a more simplistic life to save the world. Some of the quotes I did find encouraging. Choose to live simply so that others may simply live.

Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich

The first simpliciy of the book was well written. Most of my friends and neighbors just think I live like a hippie. Individuals come together in a grass-roots effort to build up new decentralized institutions to provide for the needs of our population on a more local level and to put pressure on our government and the global community to make choices based not on isolationism and personal gain but on a collective desire to see humanity thrive.

Not so much because I need to be told what to do, but simply to clarify what “simple living” really means.

It’s very abstract and didn’t contain a lot of concrete ideas for simplifying, which in some I love daune concept of voluntarily simplicity, but for me, the most value of this book came in the title. Dissatisfactions are the rumblings of the mind. Cheaply available supplies of oil are being depleted rapidly and, within a generation, the world will be deprived of an energy source basic to our current form of high intensity agriculture.

I also found it hard to follow and disorganized, I love the concept volntary I am slightly disappointed. By living simply, we can more easily awaken to the living universe that surrounds and sustains us, moment by moment.

Voluntary Simplicity

To live efficiently, we must live peacefully for military expenditures represent an enormous diversion of resources from meeting basic human needs. And this book didn’t. I highly recommend the first part of the book, but feel free to put it down when you no longer feel you are gaining any perspective from it. On to the next It took me a week or so to pick the book back up, but last night I screwed up my courage and finished the book. Still looking for a better Thing Challenge and practical solutions for how to resist our materialistic culture.


Return to Book Page. Voluntary Simplicity doesn’t mean not buying the television; it means knowing what it is we’re really buying.

Chapter five has some value as it helps the reader focus on being mindful and making the transition to simplicity, though it makes it sound so much easier than it is.

It felt very hippie-commune, pie-in-the-sky theoretical The disruptive wake that has been left by nearly two centuries of aggressive industrialization now threatens to swamp Western industrial nations and perhaps even the entire earth.

We understand the social impact of the manufacture of the television on the community where it was assembled. Related DailyGoods Sep I guess I do, in comparison to the well moneyed media-led consumeristic, but something really interesting is that, even though I am the poorest person in my neighborhood I am not poor, just the poorest in MY hoodeveryone hangs out at MY house.

However, given the book is about as old as I am, I do think it’s got a lot of good factual information. Say “yes” to what’s next, mindfully.

I wondered how they managed to work all day on such a limited meal but asked no questions. What he asks of his reader is the consideration of a new way of life, beyond consumption and greed.

Tropical rain forests are being cut down at an alarming rate, contributing to global warming and destroying precious ecosystems that required millions of years to evolve and that contain a treasury of undiscovered pharmaceuticals.

It is a call for us to simplify our lives where we can. When Someone Threw Coffee on my Face. It is also preaching to the choir, which is never a great thing.

Flower is flower, weed is weed, each has its own beauty.