Canonical URL: ; File formats: Plain Text PDF; Status: PROPOSED STANDARD; Obsoleted by: RFC ; Updated by. Diameter is specified primarily as a base protocol by the IETF in RFC and then DIAMETER base protocol must be used in conjunction with DIAMETER. Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks. It evolved from the earlier RADIUS protocol. It belongs to the application layer protocols in the internet protocol suite. Diameter Applications extend the base protocol by adding new commands The Diameter base protocol is defined by RFC (Obsoletes: RFC ).

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Diameter connections and sessions In the example provided in Figure 1peer connection A is established between the Client and its local Relay. I dint find much information on the usage of App-Id. End-to-end security policies include: Application-ID Application-ID is four octets and is used to identify to which application the message is applicable for.

Senders of request messages MUST insert a unique identifier on each message. The following is a definition of a fictitious command code: Reuse simplifies standardization and implementation and avoids potential interoperability issues. By issuing an accounting request corresponding to the authorization response, the local realm implicitly indicates its agreement to provide the service indicated in the authorization protcool. If no rule matches, the packet is treated as best effort. On 6h 28m 16s UTC, 7 February the time value will overflow.


The supported IP options are: The Diameter protocol requires that agents maintain transaction state, which is used prltocol failover purposes.

Information on RFC ยป RFC Editor

Golan July 19, at 1: Diameter defines agent behavior protovol this is described in Section 2. This also eases the requirements on the NAS to support certificates.

Maintaining session state MAY be useful in certain applications, such as: These services are provided by supporting Diametdr integrity and confidentiality between two peers, communicating through agents. However, the protocol’s failover procedures require that agents maintain a copy of pending requests.

Diameter (protocol) – Wikipedia

Since relays make decisions based on information in routing AVPs and realm forwarding tables they do not keep state on NAS resource usage or sessions in progress. Auditability RADIUS does not define data-object security mechanisms, and as a result, untrusted proxies may modify attributes or even packet headers without being detected. This requires that proxies maintain the state of ;rotocol downstream peers e.

If an optional rule has no ; qualifier, then 0 or 1 such AVP may be ; present.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 30 April Diameter includes diamefer for error handling Section 7capability negotiation Section 5. The request’s state is released upon receipt of the answer. As a result, proxies need to understand the semantics of the messages passing through them, and may not support all Diameter applications.


Diameter (protocol)

The format of the Data field MUST be one of the following base data types or a data type derived from the base data types. This scenario is advantageous since it does not require that the consortium provide routing updates to its members when changes are made to a member’s infrastructure. I hope the above information will help you. Accounting Record An accounting dismeter represents a summary of the resource consumption of a user over the entire session.

Failover and Failback Procedures Note that some implementations perform their lookups based on longest-match-from-the-right on the realm rather than requiring an exact match. The format of the header is: All Diameter packets prootocol the same Session-Identifier are considered to be part of the same session. Hi Karthik Both messages are used when session is maintain between client and server. Diameter proxies MUST support the base protocol, which includes accounting. A Realm Routing Table Entry contains the following fields: Each leg of the bundle would be a session while the entire bundle would be a multi-session.

The RFC defines a core state machine for maintaining connections between peers and processing messages. This field MUST be used as a secondary key field in routing table lookups.