Example 6 1 Rectangular Water Tank Design – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. leakage. This project gives in brief, the theory behind the design of liquid retaining structure (Elevated circular water tank with domed roof and conical base). and further guidance on seismic design methods for storage tanks larger tanks, and as such the seismic design for these larger storage tanks.

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Log In Sign Up. Applying these four conditions, four equations will be obtained which can be solved and constants C1, C2, C3 and C4 evaluated.

The staging is also designed for wind forces. In the remaining portion 12 mm.

Overhead RCC Water Tanks Construction

Walls i Provision of Joints a Sliding joints at the base of the wall. General Design for Requirements I.

At top the shear force and B. Upward pressure of water per sq.


In concrete sections of thickness mm or greater, two layers of reinforcement steel shall be placed one near each face of the section to make up the minimum reinforcement. Direct tension on short wall is w H-h.

Minimum steel area required 0. Concrete mix weaker than M is not used. Maximum — ve B. In these tanks walls are subjected to hydrostatic pressure.

Roofs i Provision of Movement Joints. M at center of AB 14, These coefficients are given in Table There will be downward force of kg.

water tank design example | Ravindra Ranatunga Ranatunga –

No upward load is produced in column when tank empty. View Contact Call Seller Now. Design of Long Walls. Stresses due to drying Shrinkage or Temperature Change. Table 3C gives coefficients for ring tension and B. C, structures as it requires that concrete should not crack and hence tensile stresses in concrete should be within permissible limits. Hence values of P0 and Pr can be calculated.

For large tanks base slab is supported on series of beams supported on columns. Bottom one metre of short walls will be designed as cantilever slab. Ciruclar Tanks with Flexible Joint at the Base. However, nominal reinforcement shall be provided, for plain concrete structural members.


Design of Braces Maximum B. The main reinforcement consists of circular hoops Vertical reinforcement equal to 0. They should also be designed for upward load if the liquid retaining structure is subjected to internal gas pressure.

Circular tanks are sometimes provided with inclined columns. Thus four equations can be formed which can be solved for four constants. At depth of 1 m. The minimum vertical reinforcement provided will be adequate to resist bending stresses caused by cantilever action. The long walls will be designed as cantilevers and the top r.c.c.ogerhead of the short walls will be designed as slab supported by long walls.