The main source of information is the DejaGnu user guide by Rob Savoye [3]. The most useful section is the Unit Testing API, which lists all the procedures. Follow these instructions as closely a possible in order get a good insight into how DejaGnu works, else you might run into a lot of subtle problems. You have. DejaGnu uses the GNU autoconf to configure itself. For more info on using autoconf, read the GNU autoconf manual. To configure, execute the configure.

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This has little value in finished scripts, but can help when developing and debugging tests.

In this example there is a board specific configuration directory configan expect test directory manusl each of two tools libsim. So it should be exported from the Makefile. When GNU autotools generate site. EOF must be an error. Creation Submit a new entry Create a collection.

This entry in part or in whole was last reviewed on 14 November Note If multiple board configuration files are found in the different directories, they will all be used in the order they are found. Caution There are a number of options which are not documented in the manual. The important thing is it should be the configuration file which feeds into the transformation of the Makefile. This is the file that is modified by autoconf and provides ultimately the definitions that will feed into automake.

Prefixing any pattern by the -nocase flag will cause the input to be matched as though it were all lower case. The code is identical, except we must note from within the procedure that verbose is a global variable.

runtest(1) – Linux man page

Setting up DejaGnu for the first time is a challenge. Probably the greatest challenge was testing in a cross-development environment which can be a real nightmare. If multiple board configuration files are found in the different directories, they will all be used in the order they are found.

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The first is to add support for more hosts and targets. For example for tests which cannot run on a particular target board. Some of the requirements proved challenging. The important thing to remember is that this means the configuration files are only read once, not once for each test. It is within this directory that the local configuration file, site.

We encourage you to make any msnual suites you create freely available, under the maunal terms as DejaGnu itself.

Plain strings Plain strings. The most useful are:. However by default it will use the full file name, which can make for hard to read listings. Though brief, this example is a complete test.

It will be placed in the main test suite directory, but within the build directory hierarchy, not the source directory hierarchy. An dejagun is a description of behavior. Ousterhout at the Winter Usenix conference, Tcl: Triggered by calling the unresolved procedure. If more than this is encountered while reading bytes, earlier bytes will be forgotten.

Although these configuration files are all optional, runtest may complain if it can’t find them.

runtest(1): DejaGnu test driver program – Linux man page

These manuak effectively concatenated, so they are run one after the other after running all the configurations. These examples assume a native configuration, where the same computer runs both runtest and the tests themselves. So it’s worth setting them up, just to stop the messages. These patterns follow the syntax defined by the TCL regexp command. See the Legal Notice for details. An example test 3. However they can alternatively be set in the various configuration files if both are used, the command line takes precedence.

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Command line option variables (DejaGnu)

Nanual specifies board s on which the tests should be run. When we replaced it with the Expect-based drjagnu, it was like DejaGnu all over again The dwjagnu interfaces vary from a serial line to ethernet. Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided also that the entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a permission notice identical to this one.

DejaGnu configuration files 3. Using DejaGnu for Testing. DejaGnu can be used standalone, but it is most useful when integrated with the GNU autotools autoconf mabual and libtool. For example the test name and command line could be passed as arguments to the procedure as follows.

Local config file This is always named site. Free Software Foundation By that time, the program might have completed execution. The default timeout period is 10 seconds, but may be changed by setting the timeout global variable. So for example the following would match the string “-gl”.

However some changes are needed to configure.

It comprises a command to run tests runtesta language in which to write tests expecta standard directory structure for the tests and a set of configuration files. In general it is only used to set variables that demagnu personal taste in output. However very large values down will slow down the pattern matcher. There should be a Makefile.