-Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Cèdula d’habitabilitat Certificat energètic

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To summarize, and even if those figures have probably been and still are higher considering also that some of the Romanian Roma are quite invisible and follow patterns closer to the general Romanian population they surely do not exceed few thousands in Barcelona. Scrap collection, for instance, implies a larger structure of businesses that are actually generating economic activity and profit from a marginal activity, while begging or wind-shield cleaning, to pose just two examples, do not.

I would say this makes even more clear that local contexts matter, encouraging the need for social sciences to stress in comparison of 20033 actual practices and discourses. This implies four categories: Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities.

Log In Sign Up. Valencia, MarchAccessible in: Public Practices and Family Strategies in the area of Granada.

Navegacio d’entrades

Although these data cannot be considered as reliable, they provide a picture of the overall situation and are quite coherent with the situation in Barcelona Metropolitan Area, where the estimations have ranged depending on the moment from 1.

Hanitabilitat space regulation and marginal economic strategies 16 Marginal activities are one of the most visible labels linked with Romanian Roma in Barcelona.

In a first period that goes approximately up tothe Roma that arrive to the Spanish state do so looking for an acknowledgement as political refugees and constituting a pattern of dispersed families more than of concentration in certain areas.

This invisibility affects, above all, the situation of a significant segment of this population in a persistent socioeconomic exclusionthat clearly implies specific characteristics regarding housing, mobility and marginal economic strategies, among others: This situation contributes to a dynamic whose only objective seems to make their settlement and presence more difficult and comes together with the constant construction, from the political and media arena, of a certain image of this population as a problem or issue: The general approach by the authorities in Spain may not be so far from other western European countries, even if it is also necessary to distinguish between the diverse national and local responses and policies.


The previous one was an extreme case, habitbailitat it is also coherent with the great mobility that exists among the population in a more precarious situation that usually lives habitabilitst flats, although habitwbilitat these cases the reasons are not generally police evictions but the dedret of economic resources and of an accessible and stable housing.

January of implies a new change in decrrt entrance requirements for the Romanian citizens in Spain, which also affects the Roma settlement processes.

To pose one example, statements as the one below where not so present in the events of Reflexiones sobre la vida de los gitanos. For instance, as Pajaresp. I found some habitabilitst few— Roma that worked in integrated jobs with different grades of regularization, in industry, warehouses, cleaning, construction and agriculture, just to mention the most important ones. In fact, the main factor related with this lowering and to some extent also in the increasing presence of overcrowded flats was the movement of part of the Roma population to UK due to the new legal framework, as I already mentioned.

BOE, de 12 de enero de El caso gitano en Barcelona. Both in the cases in which presence is not recognized due to the limitations and in those in which the settlement takes place in the public space, the concrete practice is usually not to make an effort for the rooting and the improvement of the life standards, but for not recognizing this population’s presence.

What is a ‘cèdula’, and should I rent a flat without one? | The Barcelona Instruction Manual

And the situation is comparable. In other words, and although there are multitude of specificities that is necessary to keep in mind, it is babitabilitat to locate the analysis and the hwbitabilitat in these situations in a wider context, in which a significant part of the Romanian Roma population is occupying the margins of a system that is not itself neither equal nor egalitarian. Not only was more profitable because they had to pay those newspapers in advance but also a strategy for getting some acknowledgment through a somehow recognized activity while doing other 19 more discredited marginal activities.


And there exists some proportion of illegal activities as well, although I cannot develop this 14 According to Peetersp. This is particularly important, because the latter regulation also specifies that substandard housing slums, huts, etc. Justified by the situation of Spain regarding GDP and Unemployment, was originally set until although the EC finally reduced its duration until the end of What is important to highlight is that the absence of empadronamiento, combined with police pressure and effective lack of intervention by social services, also contributes to a more unstable settlement and to the increase of this type of forced urban mobility.

Regime change, Marginality, and Ethnopolitics.

The asylum applications were very important until the yearand don’t begin to diminish until Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales. Bienestar insuficiente, democracia incompleta. However, it is possible that, habitaiblitat the near future that situation changes: However, differences of status between them are clearly visible, as well as constantly stressed by the population itself. This paper intends to present a general overview of the Resumen.

In their own words: Introduction and methodology Despite being quite unknown, Romanian Roma in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona 1 Cataloniaas in the general Spanish context, have been often very visible in the media and the political agenda at a local level, while being deeply unknown at the same time.

In general, marginal economic activities are diverse and combined.