Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis. Description. Download Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis Free in pdf format. A city-life sourcebook detailing what life is like in the City of , especially in the Alternate Reality Universe. It is definitely a must-have for any ARU. Information from Cyberpunk © ian Games Inc; and Dark Metropolis © Ianus . Nyctophobia (The Dark) .. NETRUNNER (Cyberpunk , pg. 8).

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A cyberoptic is a camera! Standard armour types and the threats they are ketropolis to stop are as follows: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. You may want to cut the soldier some slack and have an additional “Hit Location” roll to determine which of a number of plates say 1D4 or 1D6 across the torso is hit by the round – first-time hits on different plates not penetrating, subsequent hits on the same plate resulting in possible penetration.

Tried a number of systems and now trying my own. They are set upon huge expanses of land, erupting with vertical pillars of commerce. I do run a version of “Humanity Cost” though I don’t agree with FNFF’s “divide by 5” rule – I’ve run the numbers and it seems inordinately weak. It adds so much to the game that was, frankly, missing.

You can wear it, but for how long in cyberpumk heatwave? Metropolks, buy the right armour and you can stop anything up to high-powered rifle! These are guaranteed stops at point blank for rounds doing maximum damage. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

Sadly, it’s part of the dress code, along with the heavy Batman Utility Belt with pepper spray, radio, cuffs, baton, torch etc. Naturally though, this doesn’t actually prevent people left and right cybering up for whatever reason, to whatever extent.


Well, within its rated level, anyway. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Or for the players, at any rate.

Cyberpunk 2020 – Dark Metropolis

Abandoned ages back in favour of Ocelot’s system. Some of the higher levels of protection relevant only to certain military personnel if you’re running them rely on inserted ceramic plates – not only would that screw up REF for anything requiring flexibility of your torso, the weight is going to start mounting up.

Not exactly Cyberpunk Finally started up my latest Cyberpunk campaign with mostly new players and even more house rules along with alternative rules pinched and modified from various online resources Blackhammer, Ocelot et al and alternative sources CyberpunkIanus Games’ Dark Metropolis etc – and a number of other mods. If they want to lessen the bludgeoning damage a bit, they could buy a Sorbothane Blunt Trauma pad for under the armour – at increased EV and HV, of course.

It cannot be too much higher than that in order to give cybsrpunk high velocity. Similar Threads Cyberpunk PnP gets its video game version.

C a great need to sort out bludgeon damage rules ASAP. A hit from an AP round will shatter the Ballistic Ceramic plate, robbing the round of energy – like a motorcycle helmet delaminating to disperse the energy of an impact.

[PDF] Cyberpunk – Dark Metropolis – Free Download PDF

Friday, 30th April, So, for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to: And even when it does stop the “killing damage”, there’s still bludgeon damage which can mess up your day broken ribs can be nasty, I hear, and a ruptured spleen can be fatal – even Davis puts in extra padding before shooting himself in the guts with a.

Roles aren’t really classes. Everyone running around armed to the teeth, armoured up and shooting the hell out of each other is not an option – firearms are available to civilians with certain restrictions no auto weapons, ten-round magazine maximum, licensing and registration required, different jurisdictions have different rules etccops and other armed forces have better access to weapons that the civilians aren’t permitted to own and the criminals have what they want as they don’t care what the law says.


I have not read every Cyberpunk novel out there does not seem to have any support in the genre. Tired, stressed out characters having to handle yet another crappy situation that may well blow up in their faces. Surely they’re hardwired into your nervous system and feedback would be appropriate to the part of the body they are replacing.

I then had the proficiency levels purchased with SPs during character creation – 1 point for Novice, 2 for Adept and so on up to five points for Lesser God but with a GM’s limit of 3 points “Expert” for any skill. Rambling a bit, sorry. And, thanks to Ianus Games, heat stress.

I’ve done a mostly Fixer campaign before, and it was great fun. Roles and skill sets? GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: No need to “subtract from this then add to that” and the weapons pack punch again.

Cyberpunk 2020 – ICP116 Dark Metropolis

Thursday, 15th July, Where’s it from, and who’s it by? No way, you can’t have it. Add cybernetic and bioware enhancements to the range of ‘must have’ items, fill their heads with advertising, and watch it all unfold.

Typically Torso and groin only, would have a very high EV.