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[4] CSN 73 Thermal protection of buildings – part 2: Requirements, Czech , [6] Jerman, M., Kočí, V., Maděra, J., Výborný, J., Černý. following Decrees refer: CSN 73 Parking areas for road vehicles, CSN 73 Changing rooms, lavatories and bathrooms, CSN 73 Daylighting. ČSN 73 – Obytné budovy. – ČSN 73 – Šatny, umývárny a záchody. – ČSN 73 – Denní osvětlení budov. – ČSN 73 – Tepelná ochrana.

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It is expected that operating cash flow will be available for distribution to Nuinsco before the end of It csnn easily accessible by truck from the Copper Rand Mill. The principal alterations found in the shear zone are those of choloritizaton, sericitization, silification and, to a lesser degree, cabonatization calcite.

Toward the end ofRiocanex drilled 38 holes totalling 14, metres on these two zones.

Because of a drop in copper prices at the end of the first half ofmanagement postponed this development. Securities for which there is a reporting obligation pursuant to Section 15 d of the Act.

Under the Code, the limitation on foreign taxes eligible for credit is calculated separately with respect to specific classes of income. Specifically, Campbell has and expects to continue exploring, developing, mining and processing precious and base metals, paying vendors for inventory, parts scn services received during the reorganization process and providing employees with uninterrupted wages, healthcare coverage, vacation and sick leave.

This allowed the Company to identify in the second quarter of the Merrill Island mine. Subsequently, Meston Lake acquired cs mine and the shaft was dewatered in before financial 733 put a halt to the operation. If, as a result of a decline in copper and gold prices, revenues from metal sales were to fall csb cash operating costs, production may be discontinued. The Company may also be unable to maintain insurance to cover insurable risks at economically feasible premiums, and insurance coverage may not be available in the future or may not be adequate to cover any resulting loss.

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The report also recommended proceeding with the extraction of a 42, ton bulk sample with a forecast grade of 3. While under the protection of the CCAA, the Company may sell or otherwise dispose of assets and liquidate or settle liabilities for amounts other than those reflected in the consolidated financial statements. Gains and losses are netted and combined 37 to special rules in arriving at the overall capital gain or loss for a particular tax year.

Consolidated statements of operations.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Author Title Abstract Keywords Such rate may be subject to reduction under the provisions of a tax treaty between Canada and the country in which the recipient is resident. The Share Bonus Plan is intended to promote the interests of the Company and its shareholders by permitting the Board or the Compensation Committee, in its discretion, to issue common shares to full-time salaried employees of the Company as a xsn in recognition of services provided to the Company by such employee.

The CBCA requires the directors of a company to provide with the notice of a general 4180 a form of proxy for use by every member entitled to vote at such meeting as well as an information circular containing csj information regarding the matters to be dealt with and the conduct of the meeting.

The estimates in this Report are based on various assumptions relating to copper and gold prices and exchange rates during the expected life of production, mineralization of the area to be mined, the projected cost of mining, and the results of additional planned development work. Such note is subject to adjustment as follows. Each unit consists of one common share and one-half common share purchase warrant. Canadian income tax legislation permits an enterprise to issue securities referred to as flow-through shares, whereby the investor can claim the tax deductions arising from the renunciation xsn the related resource expenditures.


Ore tonnage from Merrill Pit was 65, tons with cdn copper grade of 0. If the independent directors do not hold such meetings, describe what the board does to facilitate open and candid discussion among its independent directors.

Course Information

This study must include adequate information on mining, processing, metallurgical, economic, and other relevant factors that demonstrate, at the time of reporting that economic extraction is justified. The development work cdn the deepening of the shafts to a depth of 4, ft.

Cwn debentures are convertible at any time, at the option of the holders into common shares of MSV Resources Inc. There are no restrictions on the business that the Company may carry on.

The access and mucking drifts are located in the footwall of the deposit. It 410 approximately 7 kilometres east of the town of Chibougamau and is easily accessible from Route and a paved secondary road. Metal sale prices and exchange rates are estimated, as are production levels, costs of production, development costs, milling expenses, restoration expenses, discount rates and capital costs. Location, Access and Ownership.

While the Company believes that it presently qualifies for the active commodities exclusion, the application of the relevant provisions of the Code and accompanying prior and current regulations to the Company is not.