Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. One need only glance at this anthology’s lineup of Cravings (Undead) by [Hamilton, Laurell K., York, Rebecca. Four favorite paranormal romance authors present their favorite characters in four tales of bloodlust, appetites that must be sated again and again, and. Four favorite paranormal romance authors present their favorite characters in four tales of bloodlust, appetites that must be sated again and again, and the.

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Is she playing with a new idea? She has a vampire servant, and hamillton tied to another vampire in some way, and the mixture of magical powers from the different paranormal creatures is creating such a confusing experience that I don’t know lzurell the focus of the story is.

A woman discovers a man who just happens to pop into existence. So, at least for now, it looks like my TBR has increased significantly. See all books by Laurell K. A tale of woman meets man with amnesia that old shtickit’s a well told story that made me hungry for more time with these main characters. It’s enough to make me want to reread the whole series! One need only glance at this anthology’s lineup of authors to know that it’s bound to be loaded with kinky, creative sex.

Books by Laurell K. Sep 29, Mary Ellen added it. I liked this story. Dead Girls Dont Dance – Undead 1. The main focus of this novella is a vampire named Andrea who is awakened on a Lake Michigan beach by a g “Dead Girls Don’t Dance” – This selection takes place between the first two books of Davidson’s Queen Betsy series which is about a ditsy girl who suddenly becomes Queen of the Vampires. Crimson Death A Stroke of Midnight 5.


Thought it was funny and sweet.

Laurell K Hamilton

Feb 06, Catherine Rivera rated it liked it. View all 4 comments. Discover what to read next. I must admit uamilton I prefer the full-length stories to the anthology stories because I like to learn about the characters a litle more. Death of a Darklord Thus new readers who may have picked up this anthology as their first introduction to An Four short stories by four great authors.

Daniel had cravungs hand over his eyes. A Caress of Twilight 3. A new vampire queen has risen to power and she is being “called”.

Cravings by MaryJanice Davidson, Laurell K Hamilton, Eileen Wilks and Rebecca York

Sigh, I really spend too much time in these reviews hating on Anita Blake. Hopefully when I read the first book to feature this character, I will lahrell with her more. Divine Misdemeanors 9.

I would have given it a 3. Daniel reacts very smoothly to the news that Andrea has become a vampire, and attaches himself to her side. Grant finds himself in Sea Gate New Jersey where the latest victim is reported.

She is also a three-timeā€¦ More about Eileen Wilks. Hamilton Anita is attending a friend’s wedding when Nathaniel, her pomme de sang, makes known in no uncertain terms that he wants to take the relationship Four favorite authors present their favorite characters in all-new tales of bloodlust, appetites that must be sated again and again, and the passion that feeds them.

I gave up reading this book because instead of being a series of short stories it appears to just be the start of a book by each author. Now, the Rebecca York story She could use one with Jason or maybe Micah and Nathaniel. She’s been a vampire for several years, but she’s still pretty thirsty and feeds on the guy before recognizing him.


That may be the most unbelievable aspect of this story. Hamilton – 4 Anita is living with Micah and Nathaniel but hasn’t become Nathaniel’s lover yet.

Laurell’s story begins the seduction of Nathaniel, something I’ve been waiting for which should have been part of a novel while Mary Janice’s story is an off-shoot of her Undead series, a favorite, irreverent vampire series. I have now just finished my Queen Betsy Mary Janice Davidson fixation and Cravings has one of the short stories in it. When a strange man appears unconscious and bleeding at her feet, she feels compelled to help him.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She exhibits the social craving hamillton a pack and so is “dating” like guys — a couple of vampires, a couple of werewolves.

Cravings (Undead #; Moon #) by Laurell K. Hamilton

It focuses on one of her subjects, a very new vamp named Andrea, who feels an undeniable compulsion to come pay homage to the new queen. Eileen Wilks may prove capable of pulling a Kelley Armstrong, independently creating several main characters within one universe that I love. I didn’t realize I craviings read it until I started reading the Anita Blake story.

I will finish the book this time and will complete my review then. The Lunatic Cafe 5.

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