In his second book, Confessions of a Reformission Rev., Driscoll provides a history of how Mars Hill Church began, while also throwing in a. Confessions of a Reformission Rev. has ratings and 93 reviews. Brett said: Mark Driscoll presents his vision for the Emerging Church. While this th. Confessions of a Reformission Rev.- Hard Lessons From an Emerging, Missional Church By Mark Driscoll (Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI. ) Mark Driscoll is.

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I always have a hard time stomaching the understones or explicit remarks that seem so contradictory to the essential message of the Gospel.

Confessions of a Reformission Rev.: Hard Lessons from an Emerging Missional Church

Driscoll loves Seattle and pf committed to the mission he feels God set before him and if you can look past his weird, sarcastic sense of humour and see his heart, you will not be able to help catching his passion for the mission God has called you to be a part of. But he wanted his own pulpit and felt called to a mission in a different part of the city and would need to be released so that we could each follow the mission Jesus had called us to.

What these churches gain in size, they lose in churn and intrinsic quality. The result was a definite clarity to why, how and where we do church.

I remember nearly every story he tells minus the first year of events. Jan 26, Confssions Daugherty rated it it was amazing. What I appreciate about Mark most of all is his candor – his candor about the truth of the Gospel, his candor about the obedience that comes from faith, and his candor about geformission he is – good, bad, and in-between. I have my quibbles, and he certainly doesn’t cover all of the areas of church life and church planting.

To ask other readers questions about Confessions of a Reformission Rev. Plus, as always, Driscoll is funny and entertaining. Despite being only thirty-six years old, he pastors a church of over 3, people, is President of a major church-planting network and is considered one rformission the fifty most influential pastors in America.

The young urban arty types God had burdened me to build a church for generally came from jacked-up homes, which they wanted to overcome in hopes of one day having a decent future for themselves and their kids. Though I may disagree with him on certain theological points, I found myself in agreement conffssions the confesisons Mark Driscoll and I share some very similar feelings about what the church should look like and how it should function.


He was, after all, immature and unprepared for the task that lay before him.

It is a fascinating story of the beginning of a church that started out small and grew very large. Scripture affirms many times that what comes out of the mouth is a sure indication of what is in the heart. He’s taken the hits and punches of building the church and kept plugging away. At first read his style is simultaneously funny and offensive, but the book’s most compelling aspect is Marks’ willingness to admit his mistakes.

I am not the only one confused by Driscoll who is varyingly described as emerging, missional, Reformed, sarcastic and vulgar all of which are true of him.

Sep 26, David rated it really liked it. Send a letter to the editor concerning this article. A very enjoyable read. He is clearly a passionate, focused man who is genuinely seeking hard after God. Authentic perspectives of personal character came through strong with imaginative resemblance to the animal kingdom.

I think it’s great that he had a vision of building a congregation that would reach his city though I’m always apprehensive when I hear somebody say “God gave me a vision” for something. I can appreciate the need to do this from time to time. Account Options Sign in. Just like JonnyMac, he is beginning to publish at a fever pitch. We needed couples like this to help the church survive, not jump ship just because my wife could not drop everything to take this woman out to tea whenever was convenient for her.

But this whole thing smells a little bit to me. Churches are wise to choose change strategically rather than reactively.

Many of our people loved Mike and would leave with him, which meant we might take a hit in terms of leaders and dollars. Driscoll also makes it clear that the job of a pastor is ofte This is an account of how year-old Mark Driscoll started a Bible study in his living room with a few couples in and ended up the pastor of a person megachurch ten years later.


In the telling, he’s not afraid to skewer some sacred cows of traditional, contemporary, and emerging churches.

Though it is said to say there are parts in the book that are red flags of things to come and show up in his “downfall. Along the way, he also discusses how his own views and perspectives on certain things changed through his experiences. At the end of the day though, that’s the US and the UK is a different place and only some of the lessons I believe will cross the sea.

Sep 26, James rated it really liked it Recommends reforimssion for: Ultimately it is his candor that makes this book a success. Further still, the re The captivating theme of Confessions of a Reformissional Rev. Here he traces the development of Mars Hill Church in Seattle from the very beginnings through early when the book was publishedpointing out lessons learned at each step. An intriguing look at one of the nations cnofessions growing churches, as told by the founding pastor, Mark Driscoll.

Don’t be afraid to let people go who aren’t on your mission.

Review: Confessions of a Reformission Rev.- Hard Lessons From an Emerging, Missional Church

Community Blog Partners Facebook Twitter. Recommended to anyone who’s looking for a church, part of a small church or anyone who’s looking to start a church. So, I decided to start a church for three reasons. Confessions of a Reformission Rev.: But faithful church members and staff are part of a church family. Part autobiography, part history of a local congregation, part ecclesiology and Christology, part manual for those looking to start their own assembly, the common theme that runs through Confessions is that, to really be successful, a church must be utterly devoted to Christ.

Also to anyone wondering what a blessed emerging church looks like.