Uninformed management stations lose access to the router through Before you enable the Management Plane Protection feature, you should understand the following concepts: Examples of protocols processed in the management plane are . Cisco IOS Security Configuration Guide, Release Chapters in a configuration guide describe protocols, configuration tasks, and . Within Cisco IOS software documentation, the term router is generally used to .. concept of a trusted third party that performs secure verification of users and. Last modified by Deonte R. Carroll on Sep 19, AM. Visibility: Open to anyone. nt Routing Protocols and

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After a network fails, certain network links might be repaired more easily or more quickly than other links. Personal tools Log in. The configuration required to setup RIP authentication is shown in Table 6. Ciaco routing algorithms can base route selection on multiple metrics, combining them in a single hybrid metric. Some network links might go down more often than others. Routing algorithms can be programmed to adapt to changes in network bandwidth, router queue size, and network delay, among other variables.

A metric is a standard of measurement, such as path bandwidth, that is used by routing algorithms to determine the optimal path to a destination. About Affiliates Cisco Systems, Inc. Dynamic routing adjusts to changing network circumstances by analyzing incoming routing update messages without administrator intervention.

A – Static routing is scurjt by the network administrator and is not capable of adjusting to changes in the network dt network administrator intervention. To configure MD5 authentication use the message-digest keyword. This is generally called load sharing.

A router of last resort a router to which all unroutable packets are sentfor example, can be designated to act as a repository for all unroutable packets, ensuring that all messages are at least handled in some way.

The configuration required to setup a key chain are shown in Table 4. Routing algorithms should also be flexible, which means that they should quickly and accurately adapt to a variety of network circumstances. Network protocols occur at the upper five layers of the Scyrit reference model: Because static routing systems cannot react to network changes, they generally are considered unsuitable for today’s large, constantly changing networks.

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Routing protocols use metrics to evaluate foncepts path will be the best for a packet to travel. The advantages of multipath algorithms are obvious: Distance vector algorithms also known as Bellman-Ford algorithms call for each router to send all or some portion of its routing table, but only to its neighbors.

Path length is the most common routing metric.

In most cases, a host determines that it must send a packet to another host. As the packet moves through the internetwork, its physical address changes, but its protocol address remains constant, as illustrated in Figure: This article introduces the underlying concepts widely used in routing protocols.

One of the methods that can be used to prevent these types of attack is the use of routing protocol authentication. Unlike single-path algorithms, these multipath algorithms permit traffic multiplexing over multiple lines.

If the message indicates that a network change has occurred, the routing software recalculates routes and sends out new routing update messages.

Routed and routing protocols are discussed in detail later in this book. Keys can also be configured with specific transmit send and receive accept lifetimes that provide the ability to have keys automatically change at a predetermined time.

Router 1 therefore forwards the packet to Router 2, but because this router has not yet been updated, it believes that the optimal next hop is Router 1. Convergence is the process of agreement, by all routers, on optimal routes. Packets from nonbackbone routers travel to the backbone routers, where they are sent through the backbone until they reach the general area of the destination. ISs are further divided into those that can communicate within routing domains intradomain ISs and those that communicate both within and between routing domains interdomain ISs.


The idea behind a key chain is rather simple as it simply replicates an electronic version of a key chain, a concept that most people are familiar with. Any reliability factors can be taken into account in the assignment of the reliability ratings, which are arbitrary numeric values usually assigned to network links by network administrators.

Routing Basics – DocWiki

Routing algorithms have used many different metrics to determine the best route. The routing update message is one such message that generally consists of all or a portion of a routing table. Distance vector algorithms know only about their neighbors.

At this point, they travel from the last backbone router through one or more nonbackbone routers to the final destination. Along the way, at least one intermediate node typically is encountered. Link-state algorithms also known as shortest path first algorithms flood routing information to all nodes in the internetwork.

Routing Protocol Authentication Concepts and Configuration

In these algorithms, routers determine the path through the internetwork based on their own calculations. In essence, link-state algorithms send small updates everywhere, while distance vector algorithms send larger updates only to neighboring routers.


Routing tables contain information used by switching software to select the best route. Contents 1 What Is Routing? Router 1 already has been updated and thus knows that the cisvo route to the destination calls for Router 2 to be the next stop. How do routing algorithms determine that one route is preferable to others? Although line delay may be longer, they will conce;ts packets over their own lines rather than through the public lines that cost money for usage time.