O circuito lógico TTL é um dispositivo TTL que possui quatro portas lógicas AND de duas entradas cada porta. Ele é usado, principalmente, em circuitos. jpg ( × pixels, file size: 15 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg). Open in Media English: chip Date, 14 Circuito integrado Utilice dos CI y un CI Contador decimal Esto se hace iniciando el circuito con cada uno de los seis estados no utilizados mediante las entradas de .

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The fact that the outermost shell with its 29th electron is incomplete subshell can contain 2 electrons and distant from the nucleus reveals that this electron is loosely cirfuito to its parent atom. The dc collector voltage of stage 1 determines the dc base voltage of stage 2. See Circuit diagram 9. Vin is swept linearly from 2 V to 8 V in 1 V increments.

This represents a 1.


For the positive region of vi: The majority carrier is the hole while the minority carrier is the electron. The resulting curve should be quite close to that plotted above.

They are the same. It being within 2. The design and efficiency analysis in a ventilation circuit can be carried out using Hardy Cross algorithm and Kirchhoff law. The output of the gate is the negation of the output of the gate. This publication is protected by Copyright and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise.


The frequency of 10 Hz of the TTL pulse is identical to that of the simulation pulse. A line or lines onto which data bits are connected.

VT Vdc 2V See tabulation circyito 9. Therefore, a plot of IC vs. The network is a lag network, i. Example of a calculation: Therefore V C decreases. This is counter to expectations. Voltage-divider Circuit Design a. Also observe that the two stages of the Class B amplifier shown in Figure Open-collector is active-LOW only. This is what the data of the input and the output voltages show.

It depends upon the waveform. Q1 and Q2 3. Input terminal 1 Input terminal 2 Output terminal 3 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 b. Printed in the United States of America.

Low Frequency Response Measurements b. Low-Frequency Response Calculations a. That the Betas differed in this case came as no surprise.

The important voltage VCEQ was measured at 8. The most critical values for circuitoo operation of this design is the voltage VCEQ measured at 7. Using this as a criterion of stability, it becomes apparent that the voltage divider bias circuit is the more stable of the two. Possible short-circuit from D-S. BJT Current Source a. This is a logical inversion of the OR gate. Its value determines the voltage VG which in turn determines the Q point for the design. Waveforms agree within 6. Build and Test CE Circuit b.


Circuito integrado 7408

The variations for Alpha and Beta for the tested transistor are not really significant, resulting in an almost ideal current source which is independent of the voltage VCE. Clampers Effect of R a. For most applications the silicon diode is the device of choice due to its higher temperature capability. The output of the gate, U3A: Q terminal is one-half that of the U2A: Skip to main content. For vircuito divider-bias-line see Fig.

Thus in our case, the geometric averages would be: CLK terminal is 3. The effect was a reduction in the dc level of the output voltage. The Collector Characteristics d. The slope is a constant value. The vertical shift of the waveform was equal to the battery voltage.

Given the tolerances of electronic circuit due to their components and that of the Darlington chip, the results are quite satisfactory.