C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (1e) – This module was originally used for the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tournament at. In , TSR published the module named “The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan” with the module code “C1”. It was written by Harold Johnson. From the publisher: “This module was originally used for the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tournament at Origins ’79, and is the first in another new.

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Lost Tamoachan First printing, collector’s edition. The module was the first to introduce players to the Olman culture of the World of Greyhawka society loosely based on AztecMayanand other sources.

No Web Links Found. Still the traps do have a Gygaxian level of deadly 1c to them though. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: ART – It’s ridiculous, it’s 70’s, it’s lovely. The text either notes: The artwork depicts a creature battling a group of adventurers. The module may thus be used for private competition among players, or as a separate, non-scored adventure! You are here Home. A regular review of the latest SF and Fantasy games and rule books by independent authorities.

Every GM thinks well of their own creativity, other stuff will be liked if it lets people run evocative cool things easily.

AD & D 1st Edition C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan TSR 9032

This was one of those modules. For those who don’t, save your [money] and make your own shrine. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: I find that monster theme and choice is a problem in a lot of TSR products, where monsters seem to have been picked more for difficulty level then with any reason as to how or why they are in the dungeon. You can help by adding to it. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Monsters tampachan have some neat mechanics – vampires that materialize over time and giant crabs with smart tactics which give a good idea of how to make the fights interesting.


The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Module C1 Dungeons & Dragons TSR | eBay

There are a lot of things to discover that show the why and how of the place without really impacting play except as delays for the dumb 1D6 turn poison gas mechanic. Tags separate by space: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Submitted by Migrate Wizard on This dungeon has been thought out, it has internal consistency, a self-contained universe of Meso-American wonder and fear. This was really well crafted in descriptions, and traps, but I always found myself trapped in places with no way out if I sprung certain types of traps.

Dungeon Issue – Nov Gygax didn’t write this one I syrine honestly attest that Tamoachan plays even better than it reads, and it reads wonderfully. Greyhawk modules Greyhawk locations. Create new account Request new password. Hidden Shrine is sometimes held up jidden a great module, and maybe it is, but frankly I wouldn’t want to run it an I wouldn’t want to play it. More Information Edit History.

What makes the weird stuff good is that it keeps with the archeological dig feeling of the dungeon, preserving discovery and wonder. I can only say, try it, you might like it.

The original Origins pre-publication version did not have a module code and was titled Lost Tamoachan: I can’t help but notice, as well, that it featured, perhaps, some of the earliest examples of game mechanics that went beyond mere saving throws. Dungeon Master For Dummies. Gnarley Bones July 19, at 2: This was the opposite.

He called the adventure “enjoyable and colourful”, especially for players who think and act fast. If you choose to use the other, more obvious, entrance, the DM must read the rules from back to front, which can get confusing.


Wizards of the Coast. At this point I am firmly critical of published products, the things you mention above unique reskinned monsters and consistent ambiance for example are basically required for a published product to be worthwhile to me.

Going somewhere different | C1: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan | RPGGeek

Harold Johnson Jeff Leason. There’s a reason I don’t read many early TSR products, and I reviewed this one because of precisely the things you’ve pinpointed as great about it.

How do you rate this content?: Damn that’s a mess. I get the purpose of Shrine, and its tamoaachan, but I still think the module has problems. Bambra noted the adventure’s “Central and South American flavour”, and “setting From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Originally printed for the Origins International Game Expo[2] the module was made available to the general public in The module is heavy on tricks and traps, with tamoxchan fighting.

What this means is that Hidden Shrine is actually pretty cool. Random encounters, hidden doors shgine loot. The Keep of Shadowfell and Thunderspire Labrynth.

I like that it’s deadly – I don’t like the way it is written with gotcha mechanics, not only because of the gotcha though the only fireball and lightning bolt collapse things is basically a “I hate 5th level wizards” issuebut because the way the module pushes for fast movement and against exploration knocks the feet out from under its best feature – the rich texture and interesting features.

A separate booklet of artwork was included in the module, containing illustrations of what the player characters would see in specific encounters, [7] including work by Otus, Jeff DeeGreg FlemingDavid S.