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Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Maritime Works – Part 5: Code Of Practice For Dredging And Land Reclamation. BRITISH STANDARD BS Maritime structures — Part 5: Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation BS Committees.

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Figure 4 shows a general coarse granular sea bed surface, poor quality relation between a number of these factors that can reflectors, variable geology or disturbance from be used to assist in the initial selection of an shallow-water multiple reflectors.

A lower limit g the strength of tidal or river currents; below which no material may be removed may be h the extent of automated control of the specified if necessary. Also silts denote a grain size, not a consistency.

BS Maritime works. Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation

However, some systems provide for sand or gravel, can be identified. The trailing suction hopper dredger is usually rated according to its maximum hopper capacity, which may normally range from m3 to 10 m3. A guide to the ease with see 4. Dimensions of testpiece and direction of stratification relevant to stress direction are to be stated.

However, there are many factors that can affect this. Floating pipelines are filling area. Therefore, if the channel width is a few metres greater 6349-55 the maximum sb angle of swing for the particular dredger employed, it will be necessary to make a second cut parallel to the first to achieve the desired width. Unfortunately, 634-95 In practice, no soil falls precisely within a single, investigation of such deposits is difficult and the correct prediction and predetermined main type, so combinations of types have assessment of the boulder and cobble content are therefore important.

For example, a programme that has been repetitive survey of large areas positive benefits designed for use in the measurement of navigable may result. The standard will be issued in seven Parts as follows: It is relatively quick to operate and small samplers may possibly be used from a small boat in shallow water.


BS 6349-5:2016

If it is decided that any material or mixture with a density less than a predetermined figure, e. When sounding close alongside structures, many echo sounders are affected by side echoes, and a lead line or sounding pole should be used in preference.

An example of split hull construction is shown in Figure The composition of laboratory provided, but if grading curves are not given or are limited samples can also improve the estimation of the boulder content. When pumping methods are to be employed, careful phasing of the work may permit pipeline lengths to be minimized by ensuring that the area of dredging is as close as is practical to the area of filling. The imposition of unreasonably to work, creates the greatest problem where other narrow vertical tolerances may cause operational navigation is involved.

The resultant high pump head and increased horsepower necessary, coupled with the much higher wear rates, all combine to increase costs.

The apparent economic savings that may result from an inadequate ground investigation are in many cases outweighed by the increased costs arising from disruption of the works due to unforeseen ground conditions. Dry lumps do not powder and there is shrinking and cracking during drying process with high dry strength Deposits vary in strength packing between loose, dense and cemented. However, it is thought that agitation dredging may be environmentally unacceptable in many locations.

See clause 49 of BS Further important savings may result from the enhanced production made possible by the greater depth and density of material to be removed.

This will be indicated in the amendment table on the inside front cover. The position of all shore stations should be properly The system should be calibrated over known ranges coordinated with the national, or local, grid.

This is normally given concurrently bbs the issue of a licence under the Food and Environment Protection Act, subject to consent of those various Departments routinely consulted. Records should provide details of wave height, wave period, wave direction, and their duration, particularly during extreme conditions.

A boomer signal will penetrate sand to depths of several tens of metres with an acceptable resolution and accuracy, be is the best compromise between cost, mass and performance for most site investigation and survey work.


Ports and Dredging The choice of dredging plant, its working plant, survey lines at centres of m or more may times and safe navigation are all affected by sea bed be adequate. Want access to British Bx The bearing unwanted material, such as clay or peat. In weak soils, the vertical face of each 634-5 step soon collapses. Generally, only spoil disposal. A general diffuser description is given in the main text with further a device placed at the outlet of a discharge pipeline detail given in Appendix A.

Where an object of being each side of the centreline of the track sailed. A plastic clay gives bbs reaction. The presence of debris or gs matter, e. Very greater than the maximum practical angle of swing weak or mobile bed materials may result in rapid for the particular dredger employed, it will be infill of the trench, and hence a need for regular necessary to make a second cut parallel to the first dredging up to the point of the pipe launching or to achieve the desired width.

Some information may exist as a result bss earlier work on or in the vicinity of the site, and if so it should be evaluated by means of a desk study. The main disadvantages of the system are that Magnetic anomalies can be caused by iron-rich penetration in anything other than soft materials is dykes and similar geological features, but in UK very small and that the sample may be very waters are mainly caused by pipelines, shipwrecks, disturbed.

Fully automated systems are most useful to port authorities which are responsible for the maintenance of depths by dredging over large bss of port or approaches, and to contractors engaged on large-scale dredging works.