We talked about doing a book of the Pleiadian teachings but never really . with the Pleiadians in which they talked about the Bringers of the Dawn making the. See order form for shipping costs. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians. Purchase. Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, is a channeled material that Cassiopaeans had suggested for.

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They began to create their own hierarchy, which in turn created other hierarchies.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

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I didn’t question the order or attempt to make one. The first thw didn’t go so well. You are not like the masses on Earth, for you are members of the Family of Light, and you know things that others do not. It took me a good two years to make a deep bond with them, and it came about during a body-therapy session, where a wave of Pleiadian love, like no other, engulfed me and imprinted in my emotional body the inestimable value they held for me. There were good messages throughout: To myself I said, I intend to become a clear channel now.

I was to play with this and change the artwork every night if I wished.

Jul 23, Kristin rated it it was ok. All of her books are great, but this is my favorite.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

There are some daawn who honor life before everything else, and there are also beings who do not honor life and do not understand their connection to it. Earth is assisting, in its own way, the evolution of the universe. If it is not anchored and understood, it can create chaos.


You have only dealt with gods with a little g who have wanted to be adored and to confuse you, and who have thought of Earth as a principality, a place that they own out cawn the galactic fringes of this free-will universe.

Them is only so much information that is available to that sort of vibration.

Light is underestimated on this planet, and these creator gods underestimate you. There were those who came from space and worked with the energy of the birds in many different cultures.

As you summon the story of your reptilian past, you will find that many of the influential characters in the patriarchal system of history have indeed been part of the reptile family. We are system busters.

Can’t believe this book was written in To ask other readers questions about Bringers of the Dawnplease sign up. The total vibration of Prime Creator would destroy the physical vehicle in an instant, because it cannot house that much information.

Barbara Marciniak: BRINGERS OF THE DAWN – Teachings of the Pleiadians

It looked enticing enough to be mined by some. These beings are here to assist us in discovering how to reach a new stage of evolution or the more appropria Bringers of the Dawn is an inspiring and informative read for those who may forgot who you are and why you are incarnated upon Earth at this time.

Cover artist Peter Everly worked through inspiration and suggestion to create an image of dawn in space, light coded to trigger the viewer with a deeper message.

As we said, our own system is in need of transformation. They are also evolving. There have been many influential factors that have created the course of history on Earth.

During Earth’s early history, there were wars in space for ownership of this planet. We are not here to frighten you-we are here to inform you.

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The local species had abilities that were too much like those who were passing themselves off as God. Embracing this approach, this time I saw celestial-like love beaming from the face of my dear older brother, Donald, and in one photo after another the light seemed always to bend and illuminate him.

The gods who have been in charge here for this last period of evolution use rhe modulation and do not allow freedom of choice. Who are these beings who came in and rent asunder the original plans for Earth? They answered, “You are going to piece this together using your intuition only. It gave willingly and freely of its capabilities. I was patiently waiting for intentions and events to be set into motion.

There are many other universes and many other ways of designing universes; this particular one was designed as a free-will zone in which all would be allowed. Teh Preview See a Problem?

This is a portal that involves manipulation of the human population to serve the needs of others. We want you to be working in the light, not in the dark. I have learned how to work with nonphysicals, and I will never again set out to work on any project alone.

So, to you humans, it seems as if it has been a long time since any kind of cosmic planetary excitement has taken place on Earth. Who are some of the gods who came here and controlled you?