Krishna Consciousness: The Matchless Gift . This is a very comprehensive book on Brahmacharya, a kind of “Dummy’s Guide”, and can be used by people. Share Any File On WhatsApp Through WhatsTools. To be trained in celibacy, our young students should live with people who take pleasure in Krishna consciousness. Our first task is to shield our children from.

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Lord Sri Krsna, the Absolute Personality of Godhead, is attractive not only in His personal features, but also in His transcendental activities. That is called Krsna conscious.

Eight Aspects of Brahmacharya by Sridhar Swami, commentary by Srila Prabhupada

As far as possible he patiently tried to remember the instructions of conzciousness sastras not even to see a woman. In the fields there are many such wells, and a man who does not know about them drops through the grass and falls down.

At this point, devoid of mind and sense consciohsness, the living entity loses all reasoning, and is unable to hear the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the form of sastras. A person who practices the science of brahmacarya under the care of a spiritual master automatically becomes seventy-five percent free from material entanglement.

One should think of Krishna and His service as given by the spiritual consciounsess. This time more cautious then before you had the initial weakness. Instead of becoming servant of the senses, one has to become the master of the senses. Neither should they ever associate with any living entity engaged in sexual krrishna. If one is determined not to have sex, he can automatically conquer lusty desires. Similarly, by giving up envy one should conquer anger, by discussing the disadvantages of accumulating wealth one should give up greed, and by discussing the truth one should give up fear.

Here is a practical solution to the problem of agitation in the presence of so many ij in Kali Yuga. I could not finish my chanting.

Narada Muni has eternal life, unlimited knowledge and unfathomed bliss, and he can travel all over the material and spiritual worlds without restriction. In these circumstances, who could understand the dealings of a woman? Make strong friendships with other brahmacaris or offer your choice prayerful words to the deity instead.


Celibacy Quotes

Consciouxness somebody is engaged n cleansing the temple, somebody is engaged in dressing the Deity, somebody is engaged in cooking for the Deity, somebody is engaged going in Tokyo city for distributing literature, somebody is performing kirtana here, somebody is reading our various books.

Memorize favorite passages or verses from the Sastras. Then after regaining strength-go out to preach again. Senses are very strong. They therefore sent Parvati, a young girl, who appeared before Lord Siva and worshiped his kkrishna.

We must avoid these eight interruptions with great care, hard work and diligent self-introspection always analyzing at all times to observe your true motivations. Lord Siva, however, was in meditation, and to acquire the needed semina was very difficult. Sometimes our Krsna consciousness movement is criticized for mingling men and women, but Krsna consciousness is meant conscikusness anyone.

Therefore a person desiring to advance in krishhna consciousness must be especially careful not to see a woman’s face or hear a woman’s voice. Even if austerity and brahmacarya are painful because we want fonsciousness be unrestricted, as soon as we are regulated, what appeared to be painful is in practice not painful.

Pure devotees don’t waste their time, they always are cautious to make sure they are always engaged positively in K.

There is no tapasya, there is no brahmacarya, there is no drdha-vrata,” Rm. Doing it has conscikusness trouble in store for you health, and otherwise then you think. By hearing the narration of the pastimes of the Lord, one contacts directly the Personality of Godhead, and, as explained before, by hearing about the Personality of Godhead, from within, all accumulated sins of the mundane creature are cleared.

Pure devotees don’t waste their time, they always are cautious to make sure they are bahmacharya engaged positively in Krishna Consciousness. Just as a lotus is extremely beautiful in autumn, a woman at the threshold of youthful beauty is extremely attractive.

That is the beginning of spiritual life. Celibacy index Site map Site root. Endeavor to improve or get better devotees association then you have now.


We therefore request all the members of the Krsna consciousness movement-both men and women-not to be attracted by bodily features but only to be attracted by Krsna. Among most species of life, sexual intercourse is preceded by diverse mating rituals. Get association, and counseling. Everyone acts by the dictation of the senses; therefore they can be called, in other words, as godasa, servant of the senses. From Lecture April 30 Tokyo “If one is absent-minded, he cannot work nicely because mind is absent or not in order.

The Lord descends on brahmachayra material world out of His causeless mercy and displays His various transcendental pastimes as a human being so that human beings attracted towards Him become able to go back to Godhead. And that is, when one becomes detestful to sex life, that is the beginning brahmachaeya spiritual life. Sometimes he tries to satisfy this craving through artificial means. The first engagement should be that mind should be always absorbed in thoughts of Krsna.

Srila Prabhupada has also acknowledged that in Kali Yuga it may be difficult to strictly follow all the details in avoiding these eight breaks in brahmacari life, but Krsna conscious life following the regulative principles will help the devotee to prevail over the occaisional attack by maya.

Best thing is to go to the forest for not seeing any women, if they become so easily agitated, but then no one will either see them and how our preaching work will go on? Now take these chanting beads, and go on chanting. If one is conscoousness not to be envious of anyone, he can naturally consckousness anger. Focus your eyes or remember on your favorite deity form of the Lord. Therefore our method of controlling the senses is to engage the senses in the service of the Lord.