Plot summary. The story begins with Vitalstatistix receiving a missive from his brother Doublehelix in Lutetia (modern-age Paris) who wants his aid in making a . Read Asterix Online. – Asterix and the Normans (), – Asterix the Legionary (), – Asterix and the Chieftain’s Shield (), – Asterix at . Asterix: Asterix and the Normans by Rene Goscinny, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Oh, and there are some Romans in this book. My scan takes a little bit of the saturation out of the colors qnd the left, but the colors in the new digital, in this case edition are bolder and work better.

Asterix at the Olympic Games Rene Goscinny. When Obelix reaches the village, he finds Cacofonix gone to perform in Lutetia, and pursues him through a series of tell-tale clues. A small Roman patrol is also involved in the resulting fight. These stories really are the perfect union of words and pictures.

I love the way the Romans allowed their time but again their relationship to the story is different and fresh. Fred they know no fear. Wifix Asterix at the Olympic Games.

That Justforkix hair color on the cover is just weird. The basic storyline of this graphic novel was adapted into the animated full-length feature Asterix and the Vikings. It depicts a meeting between Asterix’s Gaulish village and a shipload of Normans Vikings. Anyway loved this one overall and dare I say it asterjx as good as any so far anv me and on that basis its gets a richly deserved. When Asterix questions the Normans’ interest in fear, Getafix replies that courage is achieved only by having first been afraid, and superseding the fear to the desired effect.


The Secret of the Magic Potion. I blame Uderzo being color blind and coloring it himself. He was the older suit-and-tie generation and the pot-smoking youngsters from the Pilote bullpen were giving him a hard time.

The winner for me is the great off screen punsters, Riffraf and Autograf — love the way the play with whole punning thing, another sign of the confidence on show here… though Selfservix gets freee special mention.

09- Asterix and the Normans

Asteriix, a Norman crew arrive in Gaul to discover “the meaning of fear”, on grounds that they are fearless to the point of not understanding the concept, but have heard of people “flying in fear”, and believe that being afraid will grant them the ability to fly. The Best Books of This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Other books in this series. Just goes to show how the precise use of language is so important and in a book so based on wordplay like Asterix its even more so.


Albert Uderzo was born in in a small village in Marne, France. It all feels so cheeky and carefree. They are brutal, violent aggressors. Asterix and the Normans Rene Goscinny. Asterix The Legionary Rene Goscinny. This story originates in the political context of the times. Check out the different designs of just the houses we see in this panel.

The humour has some lovely recall moments. And as much fun as everything in the book leading up to that was, the Cray-Zee stuff starts there.

Asterix: Asterix and the Normans : Rene Goscinny :

The next review should be up on Wednesday this week, I think. It would also be the best pun had I known it as he is indeed very sycophantic, straight laced legionnary and so its brilliantly apt. The Normans are the people who invaded England at the time of William the conqueror astrrix overpowered the Saxons remember the the Robin Hood backstory so it can be seen as a parallel of that, transposed into France.